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Genzyme Molecular Oncol. (GZMO) Message Board

  • fe299 fe299 Sep 24, 2002 2:26 PM Flag

    hate to say this

    I'm long many shares... but looking at their balance sheet and ongoing losses cannot see how can it survive more than 6 months. Bye, bye GZMO. I predicted Chapter 11 many months ago (at 3.99) and wish I had sold.

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    • Yes, I'm afraid that capitulation will be the choice of many investors today, and not just GZMO investors. Very unfortunate. I prefer to climb the wall of worry than sell this great company (for $.90 no less). Why buy GZMO and then sell it for $.90? Makes no sense to me unless you're a very short-term trader.

    • You do not know what you are talking about. GZMO is a biotech company engaged in research to bring into the market new blockbuster products. That takes money and it has committed arrangements from GENZ its so called "parent" for financing to take it through 3rd quarter of 2004. So how in the hell it is going to head for bankrupcy in 6 months. Apparently you have not read its annual report.