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  • gladpick gladpick Dec 12, 2002 4:08 PM Flag

    Today's announcement

    I do not know why in their press releases they identify GZMO as a "division of Genzyme Corp." To the typical investor a "division" implies part of the whole or a subsidiary; that is the assets of the division really belong to parent organization. Most investors assume that GENZ is the parent organization and that Genzyme corp and GENZ are the same (in all practicality GENZ calls all the shots and the perception therefore has merit). You may wish to visit GZBX ms board on this issue.

    So since GZMO being a tracking stock would not (le's hope) share its future profits with GENZ, then they should be identified as a "tracking stock" of Genzyme Corp. I believe GENZ should be very sensitive with these identification issues because it has a bearing in the marketplace as to who will be the beneficiary of a certain research and possible products and thus the price movement of GZMO.

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    • I have a question.
      Why all this clinical trials are developed into advance stages of cancer?,its'nt better to test all kind of patients.
      Sorry for the grammar.


      • 1 Reply to joyerokarat
      • Often in the initial stages of a research on a potential cancer drug they are tried on patients that are in worst condition and are often considered not treatable with present drugs, chemos, and radiation. If severe adverse reaction is not shown and there is signs of improvement the drug then would move to the next stage which is usually phase II. In phase II other patients who are not "terminal" are included.