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  • acricketeer acricketeer Dec 21, 1999 8:18 AM Flag


    Will Genz funnel part of the termination fee
    money to GZMO? This will result in less dilution, as
    parent company had reserved 12 million shares to GG
    shareholders for the cash and technology. I think GZMO can
    function well without CEGE's patent estate. These programs
    have heavy burn rate and GZMO is not financially deep
    enough to carry out all of these programs. Also heard
    that avigen is eating their lunch on haemophilia gene
    therapy program. Cege's failed aids vaccine bloodied them
    a few years back. I'm long cege as a value play,
    but find it has troubles.

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    • Look at all the volume above the buyout offer.
      Somebody sees the incredible value in CEGE.
      is changing hands.
      CEGE agreed to poay $15 Mill
      they didn't have to. The shareholders would have
      turned it down AND IT WAS A MUTUAL AGREEMENT.
      showed theeir idiocy in
      1)Agreeing to those terms
      without some provision for their ABGX stake (which was a
      big portion of their Mkt Cap at the
      2)Forking over $15 mill as if it was nothing
      CEGE shareholders in the process
      3)Spinning off
      ABGX in the first place
      4)A few more things that
      I'm too mad to remember now. Goodbye Mr Sherwin,
      Pfeffer, et al ! You don't deserve no golden parachute !

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      • Why would these things upset a gzmo or genz
        shareholder? I liked that deal long term because it could have
        helped all the genzyme companies especially gzmo but we
        can do just fine without cege. Gzmo has two cancer
        vaccines of our own as well as sage and several other
        products in development(antiangiogenesis,antigen
        discovery,dentritic cell fusion).

        Looking at the current
        price of cege i don't see what the complaint is. They
        had no idea abgx would do so well so fast and in the
        end the board(Led by sherwin) did the right thing for
        the shareholder.