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  • qualifiedpurchaser qualifiedpurchaser Jul 31, 2002 6:48 PM Flag

    Not to beat a poor investor or......

    a dead horse but I'm glad that those two (or one) jerks (Bozeke99 and Poppyseedfinatic) have stopped spewing their garbage.
    Maybe they smartened up and finally realized just how ridiculous their arguments were. MOST (not all) individual investors that buy individual stocks are like those going to Vegas expecting to beat the house. It might happen now and again but generally speaking, the odds are against you. Much easier to pick a good money manager than a good stock. I usually won't plug a site but I think Morningstar's premium info does a great job. If you are serious about your money, its well worth the 100 bucks!

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    • He is not a corporate officer and therefore his salary isn't diclosed. I'm sure he receives or has received stock options.

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    • Is ralph bloch who appears on cnbc a corporate officer and what is his salary and does he get anystock options??????

    • Thankyou greeneyedlady909 how do i send copies ofthe letters i received from the rjf corporate officers and the compliance officers to all shareholders to present them before the next meeting/???? can the shareholders vote to cancel or remove the stock options they have listed on the website????can the shareholders vote to remove the board members with big pay and remove or relect the ceo or ceos or vice pres.????

    • You might try contacting their Marketing Department to see if any such list exists. If not, an associate there has access to that information and could compile a list of the attorneys and compliance officers, if permitted by the firm.

      BTW, for future reference: RJ does have a public web site with contact information:

    • How can i get a complete list of all r j attorneys and compliance officers at r j and also of r j ltd in canada. i really want to know the sec and nasdasq in canada.

    • vosf2001 (aka Bozeke) you are way too transparent. Trying to creat yet another pseudonym to make it appear you actually have some support is pathetic. You are such a PUTZ!

      Again let me reitereate some facts:

      1)Analysts don't get it right all the time. If you find one that does, I suggest you invest all of your money based on their recommendations. Until then, keep looking and learn to conduct a little due diligence rather than to rely blindly on one-two words (the rating) in a report that might be 50 pages long. My guess Bozeke, is that you never actually read the damn report. They usually spell out risks or investment concerns as well as suitability issues.

      2)A rating is meaningless if you don't read and understand the content of a research report. You obviously did not take the time to do this. Most astute investors do.

      3)If nothing has changed regarding a company's fundamentals, then at a lower price, the stock should be more attractive. Conversely at a higher price it would be less attractive. If the price had risen even to $70 a share from $30 and nothing had changed regarding future earnings prospects, would you be up in arms if the analyst put a sell rating on it? This is exactly what happened with JetBlue when an analyst from one of it's underwriters said the price had gotten ahead of the fundamentals of the company. You obviously are too ignorant to understand the logic behind this.

      4) Analysts across all firms consistently increase ratings when a stocks price declines WHEN there has been NO CHANGE IN THE COMPANY'S FUNDAMENTALS.

      5) A broker recommending a stock based on research of another company (in this case Goldman) does not mean the firm recommends it.

      6) Regarding your reference to Merk, I hope you are not trying to hold any analyst accountable for company fraud. There is very little chance that an analyst would be aware of a misstatement when corporate executives intentionally or unintentionally inflate earnings by this method. In this case, something occured that very clearly impacted company fundamentals. When the analyst learned that there was potential fraudulent behavior, he accordingly downgraded the stock. As you have yet to discuss anything about why CPN declined and the timing of that information relative to the timing of any related research you can not draw any conclusion regarding the appropriateness of any recommendation. Given that NASDAQ is down 40% in the past year and the S&P is down 29%, it is not inconceivable that a stock might go down with the market.

      7) ALL energy trading firms have been crushed in the wake of ENRON. As an FYI, there is great divergence of opinion on this stock. 4 firms have strong buys, 4 have moderate buys, 6 have holds (this usually means sell), and there is one moderate sell. Janus, Prudential Utility Funds, Merrill, MFS, Muhlencamp, Hartford, etc. are all still in this bad boy. I recommend you check out Morningstar for more info on the company.

    • Hey Qualified loser! This board is not for plugging your morning glory websites. It's for intellectual discussions about stocks, investments, and the like. Discussions such as Bozeke and myself start and END! Why don't you and JackRoffle go spew where you feel more AT HOME WITH MARTHA STEWART!

      I've yet to see anyone hold a candle to Bozeke...then again he is exceptional.

      Bozeke "I like you mon"

      • 1 Reply to poppyseedfinatic
      • Poppyseed,
        You continue to amaze me. Your head is so far up Bozeke's ass, it's impossible to believe that you are not one and the same. I've watched this thread silently for sometime, and I've yet to see anything resembling intelligent discourse from you. Most of your comments can be summarized as trash talking with little if any substantive content. As for plugging Morningstar, I have no vested interest in the company or any affiliated company. It just happens to provide valuable tools for investors. I'm sure you wouldn't qualify as an investor b/c your allowance isn't sufficient to cover a commission much less the cost of anything but a penny stock. Come back after highschool. BTW, my newspaper was late this morning. Next time, I'll release the hounds!
        When you, er, speak to Bozeke, tell him that I saw his daughter at the Mons Venus last night. She's looking mighty fine.

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