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  • allknowing19562000 allknowing19562000 Apr 27, 2003 10:18 PM Flag

    Grand Prix's Identity Revealed

    Grand Prix is actually John K. Winter. He is a former car salesman and resides in New York State. If anyone would like his address or phone number so that you can clog up his mail box with idiotic letters like he sends to everyone and his brother, you may find him on the Ultimate White Pages. Also, the post by GradNoMore about Mr. Winter was funny as hell. Is it true that Mr. Winter is a retired, gay, AARP memeber. Wow-this shoulds like a Jerry Springer episode to me.

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    • You forgot "uneducated". It is almost impossible to understand what he is trying to say. Is he some damn gay foreigner?

    • I am john k winter. So what is your name and how you are related to therea j schefstad and fs goldbold, jeffery julien, thomas a james, barry augenbraun, robert f shuck, bo goldbold, so this will be sent to eliot spitzer of the new york attorney general s office of what happens at a raymond james associate s office,contact allknowing, and how is this a raymond james financial services inc or raymond james associates inc, or theresa j schefstad, president and ceo of raymond james bank, fsb, but why does a bank president make several phone calls from a stock brokerage firm office, the phone number the bank president calls mefrom is 727 567 4198 and i had an out of area call that this number is on theresa j schefstad speeddial. love this about grand prix identity revealed. the best best that has happened since i sent the certified letter to john stephen putnam and anthony milton green. i want to get more puclicity so please keep up the great work.

    • I love the publicity and now to c, mwd, mer, sch, they all will are be made of the events when the branch manager of a raymond james associates office called my cpa a ned howe and the broker branch manager told my cpa ned howe that was gay and comming out of the closet...............

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      • love allknowing, been waiting over one year for what you have done fof my case, please keep up the great work and lets go ahead, love what you are doing and hope barry augnebraun, chester heleck jeffrey julien still in business why 381 brokers with long complaint records working in new york state,how many are working for raymond james , allknowing??????????? and why dont you contact , we let it go for now but i love what you have done and it makes it all the better

    • Why does the pre/ceo theresa j shchefstad call me twice from a raymond james assocaites office?????

    • I am finally getting the effect that chester heleck , the certified letter i sent to him and most of the other board members over a year ago , the branch manager was in the certified letters. My name is john k winter, is this why theresa j schefstad has my phone number i am called from the person i see revieled me and the bank president of raymond james bank, fsb, might have called me from 727 567 4198, a raymond james associates office

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