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  • tomvu44 tomvu44 Jun 10, 2009 12:39 PM Flag

    RJF and OPY are in play - it's going to be a bidding war

    RBC's Mr. Nixon directly quoted as saying they think regular banking (i.e. deposit taking and loan making) is going to be tough slog in US for a while, and in same interview mentions that he in the U.S., he likes wealth management, and sees tremendous opportunity for their cap markets business (and maybe others acquired??)

    Two accretive deals could be done. Raymond James or Oppenheimer Holdings.

    OPY is more High Net Worth, and Cap Markets, with growing mindshare in latter and solely U.S. focus.
    RJF is more Low Net Worth, also attractive, with smaller mix of capital markets, asset management and small but troublesome bank- Plus some good and bad overlap in Canadian cap markets and wealth mgt.

    OPY deal would be smaller, and prima facie accretive going forward. OPY has been trashing reported earnings in order to under pay CIBC on their 'earn out' fire sale.

    Full Disclosure, I've established a long position in OPY and am contemplating adding RJF to the basket, particularly if I get comfortable that RJF could get a separate bid for its asset management biz.

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    • You are obviously a mental midget--You haven't a clue what you are talking about and from your post do not know anything about RJF or OPY--my advice is you should burn your money in your fireplace so at least you get some return (heat) from it.

      OPY is a POS that even a Big dumb Canadian Bank knew enough to ditch--from a review of their F/S their niche in the market is the money losing business. RJF is well positioned, profitable growing business that is benefiting from the fallout on Wall Street. The Street over reacted to one bad quarter in the bank--now its benefiting from the pickup in the market yet the stock hasn't really moved and is trading around tangible book value-a historical low. They just hired a new CEO so your sale scenario is further evidence as to what lame brain you really are.

    • Ill bid 2 bucks per share once RJF can prove their numbers are true regarding net income and they settle all the suits.

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      • Judging from your comments, I am happy to see you have access to a computer from your prison cell. You clearly have issues with RJF which is fine if you ever actually posted something factually correct or of any value. Did an RJ employee's child steal your red wagon when you were young?

        Either say something that demonstrates you actually know anything...and I mean anything about the stock or cease and desist and go join the rest of the convicted con men for a game of prison basketball.

      • if you wait on Laughters dream's, you'll be broke before christmas. Everytime he yawns, shit continues to fall out.

        Bottomless lawsuits. Whenever you have to advertise for people to join the lawsuit on Yahoo, you dont have much of a case. lol

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