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  • fydur fydur Jun 14, 1999 10:35 PM Flag

    Why do people

    continually post their advertisements on these message boards? Get a real job!!!

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    • Came out with higher earnings. What about RJF?

      If you really know, then I guess you can't say. On the otherhand, if you're just a work a day babe, then give us your view.

    • A little too much, but . . .

      focus is mostly consumer banking etc., if they have
      Smith Barney or whatever that Travelers firm is, now
      your talking competition.

      Deloite Touche
      accounting and consulting. Competitor???

      Where is MER
      MSDW JPM Goldman Sachs etc. in Turkey? Have you found
      them there too? Actually having one competitor like
      Citibank is a good thing. An absolute pioneer usually
      earns a few arrows in the back (see below).

      a little early in S. Africa, but I think they had
      the right idea. If you don't have a few write offs,
      your probably not trying hard enough.

    • I actually I find whiteratboy, f@#! etc to be a compliment.

      Hemingway said something about being known by your enemies, etc.

    • Its getting on twenty years since you
      relinquished power in Ankara. While you've been keeping busy
      chasing Kurds, that's not a such a great stint. Those
      crazy bastards shoot back.

      And while
      garrisoning Club Med.... er.... Cyprus is an excellent R&R
      ploy, we RJF shareholders are prepared to welcome you
      with open arms, flower tossing children, fresh,
      spring-break American college babes, and all the dried dates
      you can eat if only you'll do us one

      Invade Tampa Bay, and carry out a coup at

      RJF's leaders are far more incompetent, and stupid than
      any self-respecting Turkish peasant would elect for
      you to replace. Whatever you do with the James gang
      (perhaps the Midnight Express package), spare the one they
      call the 'TEC BOY'.
      He may fetch a fair price for a
      white slave trader as a eunuch, or house

      Dear Generals, if not for us, then think of
      yourselves. Now that they've set foot in your homeland, they
      can only wreak catastrophe upon you which'd make
      Attila the Hun's hordes look like



    • "Turkey isn't a place I would have thought of..."

      It has too many syllables. Don't hurt yourself thinking, just keep on sucking scum down there.

    • Not necessarily, but the provincial James gang is
      struggling with grasping the fundamentals and nuances of the
      American market (that mysterious northern land where snow
      falls, hills and mountains rise, and the inhabitants
      routinely use the gifts of the gods, fire and the

      First. RJF is NOT the first to see investment
      possibilities in Turkey. Here are just a couple familiar
      financial firms rooted in Turkey AND MAKING money.

      It's a middle eastern nation with the establishment
      yearning to integrate with the West. The political
      situation is shaky with the military always primed to step
      in when they feel incompetency, corruption, or
      recently Islamic fundamentalism threatens the 'well-being'
      of the nation.

      Turkey energetically strives
      to become a major exporting nation, and to develop
      internally in order to battle the low standard of living of
      its relatively huge population so that economic
      opportunities there abound. In short the laws there are very
      conducive to attracting foreign capital. And Turkey is
      uniquely positioned geographically, and culturally as a
      gateway to Europe, the Middle East, and the Central Asian

      BUT if RJF is looking to just exploit the cheap
      labor situation willy-nilly then here we'll see another
      complete fuck-up like South Africa, and the abysmal
      performance in India, and the zero impact of Argentina.
      Turkey, like all these nations offers great possibilities
      in terms of hardworking people peppered with
      spirited entrepreneurs.

      Turkey is great
      agricultural producer, and beyond being self-sufficient is
      exporting large amounts of produce abroad. European
      companies (And the American Kraft General Foods) are
      heavily involved in the agribusiness there ranging from
      food processing to irrigation projects.

      It has
      well established industries in textiles (its largest),
      petrochemicals, chemicals, basic metals, motor engines,
      electronics, and very competitive construction firms. Turkey
      posesses ambitious hydroelectric projects, along with
      mining operations digging out iron, copper, manganese,
      lead, zinc, bauxite, & sulfur.

      Turkey is heavily
      investing in upgrading its infrastructure from
      telecommunications to power plants so that there's money just
      waitin' to be made there. Also free zones with special
      incentives (Tax free, strikes are ILLEGAL, unrestricted
      earning transfers, etc...) exist to entice foreign
      ventures to become involved in anything from manufacturing
      auto parts to textiles.

      Although not yet a
      member of the European Union Turkey enjoys the most, and
      closest economic benefits of any non-member. This grants
      Turkish goods fairly unrestrictive, untethered access to
      those huge, 'rich' consumer markets.

      companies already are raking in revenues from this land
      from LOCAL operations, among them;
      Arco, Arthur
      Andersen & Co, AT&T, Chevron, General Electric, Hewlett
      Packard, IBM, Litton Guidance & Control Systems, Lockheed,
      Mobil, Texas Instruments, Westinghouse, American
      Express, Amoco, Bank Of New York, Chase Manhattan, Colgate
      Palmolive, Ernst & Young, Eveready, Gillette, Goodyear,
      Honeywell, R.J. Reynolds, Johnson & Johnson, Ralston Purina,
      Kodak, Procter And Gamble, Singer Sewing Machines,
      Chiquita, Chemical Bank, General Motors,.......
      and the
      surest signs of an advanced civilization- McDonalds,
      Wendy's, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken,
      Baskin-Robbins, and Levi jeans.

      The opportunities
      exist to make money in Turkey terms of resources, &
      markets, as witnessed by other firms.

      But they
      added ingenuity, and savvy to the mix.

      Let's see
      how the clowns bouncing off the walls at RJF turn
      this into another turkey.

    • Hi, I'm back. Nice to see IU still owns the stock
      despite his continuing vitriolic tirades. If he sells, we
      might all have to head for the door (or rejoice,
      depending on your perspective)

      Word has it that RJ
      has some extremely dialed in partners in Turkey, with
      the kind of connections is takes to get deals done.
      Who you know matters A LOT in less developed
      countries. I have also heard the same about them in
      Argentina. If true, the opportunities may be substantial.
      This business is continually rewarding entrepreneurial
      endeavors with outsized returns (witness e*brokers, high
      yield resurgence, etc.)

      Although RJ has missed
      the online game so far, these types of deals have
      huge home run potential, especially with market
      inefficiencies and evolving privitization of state-owned
      enterprises (Petrobras, British Steel, etc.)

      p.s. the
      profanity that occasionally pops up is REALLY unattractive.
      I prefer a "supple wit" any day.

      TTFN ;)

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