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  • hannah_hearts hannah_hearts Sep 28, 1999 12:37 AM Flag

    massive week ahead for

    Big deal with Excite this week to push JTWB far
    above IPO price of $9. Looking to see $15-20 by

    JTWB( to supply Excite and
    other Web Portals with Internet Hosting and Design for
    business. Extreme market potential of serving small
    businesses online, could become the next

    Shares Outstanding: 3,000,00
    Float: 300,000 shares

    Look for nice run tomorrow

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      The following I posted on Oct. 13, 1999. It is still
      the answer to the drones who hum 'management is the
      bestus', and RJF competes with all other financial

      Today RJF's stock is below its adjusted price for May
      23, 1997. Other financial firms show impressive
      returns reflecting hard work, intelligence, and savvy.
      Not a corporate culture of clowns and morons which
      couldn't find its out of a paper sack.

      Despite the
      current correction, from that date to today in terms of
      adjusted prices;

      Bear Stearns has grown

      Merrill has risen 34%

      Paine Webber has registered
      a rise of 52%

      Lehman has rocketed

      Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette has shot up

      SouthWest Securities has jumped 89%

      Legg Mason can
      boast a leap of 130%

      Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
      has more than doubled, rising 135%

      Schwab has
      reaped a rise of 300%

      E TRADE has returned

      Ameritrade has returned 1,542%

      Note to
      management- Shift your brains out of reverse.

    • Another sign of a dying business that is killing
      their customers
      ;-) !!! Actually, quarterly per
      share earnings were up a penny, I suppose due to share

      It will be interesting to see the breakdown. One
      would think that after stringing a few similar
      quarters, we should see some handsome bottom line

      To the shorter of AGE, and perhaps RJF soon. I
      applaud your efforts. At least you have the stones to put
      up your money where IU/Turkey's endless post-rants
      are. Long term, you are creating liquidity and value
      for us longs, so go to it buddy.

    • but you still don't know the difference between revenues and earnings. Add diluted earnings to your list.

    • Hell, I knew last year this company would earn
      less. Other financial firms, large & small, have
      increased share value through record breaking years. RJF?
      Its stock price is where it was 2 1/2 years ago
      because management has the brains of laundry lint.

    • "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be
      seriously considered as a means of communication. The
      device is inherently of no value to us." -- Western
      Union internal memo, 1876.

      "Who the h*** wants
      to hear actors talk?" -- H.M. Warner, Warner
      Brothers, 1927

      "We don't like their sound, and
      guitar music is on the way out." -- Decca Recording Co.
      rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

      "The wireless music
      box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay
      for a message sent to nobody in particular?" -- David
      Sarnoff's associates in response to his urgings for
      investment in the radio in the 1920s."

      "What value
      does a Internet Discount broker from RJF add?"--
      Message #607 from Tec_1998 AKA white ratec boy AKA Ufool

    • it's nice to hear comments from people who have a
      clue about the market, and more specifically, the
      financial services sector.

      Wwpl I couldn't agree
      more, small caps still suck and this has always been
      RJF's strength. They'll come around.

      By the way
      Tec, RJF reported earnings today. Revenues were up but
      bottomline was down. It came out to a $1.76 (fully diluted)
      vs. $1.86. Obviously Roney and the expansion impacted
      the bottom line.

    • wrong track. Wake up and smell the $$$. These
      dusty old-line firms are headed for the dirt. In this
      regard, AGE is my hero. Do RJF broksters have Internet
      access? Do they know what the Internet is? Do they have
      e-mail? Do they charge reasonable commissions? Do they
      have their clients' best interest? Are they

      In the case of AGE, the answer to all is NO. Forget
      the value earnings PE sector growth debt ratio
      financial MBA crap. Their business model is archaic and
      they will fail when their clients realize how they
      have been robbed over the years.

      Unless RJF can
      answer YES to the questions, short it NOW!!

    • Noticed Legg Mason reported big revenue gains,
      and big earnings gains as well in WSJ summary. Will
      we see the same from RJF?

      I don't follow LM.
      I know they have a monster mutual fund with that
      Miller fellow.

    • This board hasn't changed--still a bunch of huffy
      whiners with nothing better to do than use foul language.
      How about some constructive dialogue?

      RJF is
      trading at 1.5x book value. Fair value is at least 2x. We
      will see buying in financials here (MWD 3.4x, MER
      2.1x, LM 2.9x, LEH 1.4x, AGE 1.4x, SWS 0.95x). Most of
      the sector is undervalued. Who was babbling awhile
      back about how Southwest was the answer? Check them
      out now.

    • rjf investment banking and research and part of
      its asset mgt is all about small stocks. until
      wilshire 2000 starts to outperform s&p this company wont
      do much. rjr s claim to fame was leading wall st
      journal research competion for 10 years until last couple
      of years. this was all due to small stock
      outperformance this company will never go out of business low
      cost business model 95% of brokers are independant
      contractors so very very low breakeven cost also negligble
      debt on balance sheet.

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