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  • slickwilly07 slickwilly07 Sep 26, 2009 12:48 AM Flag


    Netanyahu is THE only leader I see as being a true and honorable person. From Obama to Sarkozy, their shallow and fake political agenda come through clear to me. They are not men, but politicains who lack any form of honor and integrity. The threat facing Israel is real and they will react SOON.

    Oil is a clear beneficiery here

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    • As a Baptist, I am a firm supporter of Israel. That said, Obama must take the lead in isolating Iran & then undertaking a military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.

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      • Cats,

        Agree with your sentiments but it will never happen.

        Obama refuses to commit desperately needed troops to Afghanistan despite emotional appeals from the Pentagon. The Poles are pulling out because Obama reneged on Bush agreement for placing anti-missile batteries in Poland and Czechoslovakia. The Brits are sending SAS troops into Lybia -- to train terrorists to be better fighters. China is unveiling a new class of intercontinental nuke missile and a long-range anti-ship cruise missile this week. The latter is designed specifically to take out U.S. aircraft carriers far out at sea before they can get within range of land-based targets.

        I think Obama will cut & run from Afghanistan -- that's the real reason why he doesn't want to send more troops. All that is needed is for Rahm Immanuel to spin up a clever cover story to feed to the main-stream press. They'll most likely just say the Afghanistan "issue" should be turned over the United Nations for "resolution". We'll leave a few hapless American soldiers in the region to wear blue helmets so snipers will have better targets (as they did in Kosovo & Bosnia).

        The Israelis are on their own, no one will help them and they know it. The rest of the world has pegged Obama as weak and indecisive. What ever the bad guys are planning, they have two windows of opportunity,IMO; before the 2010 elections change the makeup of Congress; or, if Congress is still in the hands of Democrats after 2010, sometime before 2012 elections (which Obama will certainly lose).

        A successful attack on Israel is a de facto attack on the United States. Russia will move to retake much of Eastern Europe and establish a new Soviet Union. China will take Taiwan, Singapore and turn Japan into a glorified vassal state.

        Obama's true purpose is to shut down America as both an economic and military super-power; that will create a serious geo-political vacuum to be filled by China in the east, Russia in the west and Iran in the Middle East.

        Despite all the doom & gloom, I do believe that America will speak in 2010. Democrat and Republican politicians alike have much to fear from angry American voters. That "little" protest in D.C. back on Sept. 12 was just the tip of the iceberg; I've never seen political protesting like that since the late 60's.

      • that my friend is something that will never happen. he will not take the lead in this here issue nor will he take military action against Iran.

        He may send the troops into the us neighborhoods to get re-elected but he doesn't have the balls to even make the Iranians quiver.

    • WELL DONE MR CATS!!!! this anti-american, anti-semite, anti-intellect is not jewish and NO survivor.. just a sad, lonely old man w/ no life hiding behind his computer posting ridiculous comments hoping for anti-jewish and anti-american responses..

      i knew ppl were too smart to believe this man. especially you guys that are long sgy and atpg!!!

      hey old man hater, it's 2009--enough already..
      here's an idea, maybe get a thought that's actually your own and stop repeating what you read on those hateful far left websites..

    • Agreed. Sydney used to be ever so slightly amusing but still irritating in regards to his mindless Cats responses. Now whe has gone to being pathetic.

    • Sidney you are insane.

    • I disagree. 75% or more of American Jews usually vote Democratic and continue to, regardless of Obama's policies. Not supporting Israel will change that, except for Jews who are ashamed of Israel and ashamed of their religion.

    • Be careful NOT to listen to Sidney's stock picks/ He is delirious.

    • Wow, you are not only dead wrong but delusional too.

      Must feel a little strange to be in lock step idealogically with the jihadists who kill innocents in the name of Allah and against Israel.

      Strapped a bomb to one of your kids recently?

    • great link! Every jew and also every anti-semite needs to read it. Brilliant post by a non jew, no less to show how true it is. God bless you!

    • China putting major oil deal together with Nigeria. This will have two effects:
      (a) Far less oil for use in USA and other countries, ex-China
      (b) Less dependence on Iranian oil. Hint: Blockade/attack on Iran more likely

    • Thanks. I like how SGY stock has performed over the past several months & the stock ought to breach $20 fairly soon, esp after earnings release.

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