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  • hartstoc hartstoc Jan 28, 1999 5:06 PM Flag

    BUY OUT!?

    Unless it carried a HUGE premium. As undervalued
    as this stock is, I'd be very concerned about a
    hostile takeover. That alone should give management some
    incentive to do something to promote the stock.

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    • There has been much said about the company not
      issuing sufficient press releases. In 1998 Atrix issued
      18 press releases, twice as many as Alkermes. That
      is also more than Colagenex and KeraVison issued,
      two companies that have been mentioned on this board
      as doing a good job with PR. I suppose next we'll
      here the argument that Atrix's press releases are
      ineffective. I also suppose I'll be attacked again for
      mentioning these facts.

      • 2 Replies to tettrazini
      • I've never mentioned Colagenex or Keravision. How
        long did you have to search to find 2 companies with
        fewer press releases than Atrix? I wish I had the
        statiscal average for NASDAQ company press releases over

        The facts you've ignored are:

        Atrix is already
        operating with a profit, and is expected to continue to do
        so for the coming 2 fiscal years.

        already had established solid relationship with Wall
        Street. That's why they have 9 analysts covering it to
        ATRX's 2. Since a low in Oct. 98, Alkermes has tripled
        from it's low around 10/share to just above 31/share.
        Alkermes is also not expected to make a profit for several
        more years. Current Estimates are:
        Current (1999)
        Next (2000) $-0.94

        While KeraVision
        only has 2 analysts, it has also tripled from the Oct.
        98 low around 4/share to around 12/share. Kera is
        also not expected to make a profit for several more
        years. Current Estimates are:
        Current (1998) $-2.12

        Next (1999) $-1.74

        Collagenex has traded
        similarly to ATRX w/ 98 low around 6/share. Even though it
        too has only 2 analysts providing coverage, it is now
        around 12 (Doubled from low). Collagenex is also not
        expected to make a profit for several more years. Current
        Estimates are:
        CGPI Current (1998) $-1.42
        (1999) $-1.40

        Worst case, Atrix could have at
        least doubled to 15 (2 x low of 7.625) given the above,
        but they just don't manage their relationship with
        the street very well and the stock price reflects

        You don't seem to understand the key
        factors that drive valuation. I poliltely encourge you to
        do your homework more thoroughly before you post to
        help with credibility.

      • I went to and counted
        18 stories for Keravision and that
        only includes November and
        December 1998. That
        crucifies ATRIX's PR effort (if you can call it that)

        Collagenex, at their company web site
        has 16 press releases and if you count the SEC
        required filings
        like you did for ATRIX, you get 21 (4
        quarters plus annual =5).
        Once again, more than ATRIX.

        Finally ATRX had an extraordinary item, Virotex
        where there were 3 press releases. Also, you counted
        the Warburg
        Dillon downgrade of ATRIX - NEAT, but
        you can count it.
        You even counted Southard�s
        retirement, that�s ok too!

        I didn't even waste more
        time to check out Keravision given
        the fact you're
        already quite imcompetent.

        These facts render your
        comment useless. Now I why other posters have referred to
        you as tetrazero!!