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  • gary11746 gary11746 Apr 21, 1999 12:40 PM Flag

    Whats Going On

    LOw volume the price stuck in at 10 7/8 - 11. I figured before the earnings the stock would at least get some play. This is like watching grass grow.

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    • Yes! Take away the 3.6 million spent on R&D and
      you have a company with no future. Fluffy, ATRX is
      still spending money on TRYING to expand the market for
      Atridox and if you want the few institutions that own
      stock in ATRX to flee in a New York minute, just tell
      them that ATRX isn't spending any money on R&D. Come
      on man! Get real with your dreams.

    • However, look at the balance sheet. Take away the 3.6 million in r & d and atrix meets the bottom line. Is this feasible No. I do believe that atrix needs to pick it battles.

    • I do not think that the R and D expenditures
      contributed to today's debacle. It is my opinon, shared by
      many others who considered it , I believe, that a
      large part of the money was spent on trials of the
      prostate therapy and the acne therapy. These therapies are
      not highly experimental and should result in new
      income producing products. No, I am afraid that our
      latest heart breaker occurred because of wishful
      thinking. All of the analysis and projections- made by
      people for whom I have great regard - were flawed
      because they were necessarily based on unverifable
      assumptions,being based on such assumptions because management for
      whatever the reason was tight lipped.
      And so those who
      survive should stanch the bleeding as best as they can,
      bind their wounds , clinch their teeth, and look to
      the next quarter which I believe , based on the small
      hints from management, should be much better.

    • Fluffy,
      Why don't you get on the conference
      call and lead off with you question/statement about
      ATRX spending too much on R&D. If anything, you should
      be pleased that ATRX has so many products in the
      works. Please explain your business background that
      leads you to believe that ATRX is spending too much on
      R&D. If you think this is a major question, I would be
      willing to wager that the analyst on the CC will want to
      know more about their R&D program and NOT one of them
      will think they are doing too much in this area.

    • product. Tell the world where atrix is going. Give investors something! Get block on the CC let them toot there horns. Lets here from block about last nights presentation to dentists.

    • Another such opportunity will be my Stalingrad !!!!

    • This will be a major question to be asked at cc and annual meeting. Little volume no one selling and estimated 29 cent loss we lose 24 cents. What in the fuck!

    • I called her on monday she is investor relations
      right? I asked her about a dozen questions, she as they
      refer to in baseball went 0 for 12. When i talk to her
      it's like talking to yourself you ask a question she
      pauses says i don't know and then you summize an answer
      yourself. I wish I had a job that simple answer phones say
      i don't know or can't say and get off. We have
      spent time,money(lots) waiting for this piece of crap
      to do something and our company doesnt say anything
      to help us out. Our UK approval that was suppose to
      come at the end of march didn't and in april they
      finally had the decency to let us know there were
      problems. We have shit for a PR company and that is why
      this stock is trading in the 9's. I hope we show no
      mercy at 200est at the cc.

    • Actually when LGND recently got FDA approval on
      TWO cancer drugs the stock has since declined over
      50% from the announcement.

      substainable revenue and profits are what the institutional
      investors are looking for.

    • Considering it doesn't start until two hours from now, all I've heard is some static on the phone line.(:>)

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