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  • Stkpikrtom Stkpikrtom May 21, 1999 2:13 AM Flag

    Positive Sign

    I feel very
    good that you sold your calls and that you and
    Kingmidastouch.....are on your way to other stocks. The sooner the
    frustrated stock holders move on so that the building of a
    new basis around $9.00 a share with new stock holders
    the better off the long term investors will
    Thermal, does holding since 1994 qualify as a
    long term holder? This garbage company has yielded
    less than a savings pass book account in this time
    My only salvation has been that this was a very
    minor holding in my portfolio. I only blame myself for
    not getting out at the top. I was naive enough to
    believe that these scientists could actually transition
    this company to an ongoing real business.
    management achieved the ultimate goal of attaining FDA
    approval of what should have been a blockbuster drug. They
    then proceeded to make three tragic blunders.
    biggest blunder was choosing an incompetant marketing
    firm, Block Drug. Let's be honest. Would you choose a
    firm whose main products they distributed included
    such product stalwarts as Diaper rash ointment,
    Goody's headache powder (when's the last time anyone here
    used "headache powder' for a headache?), Nature's
    Remedy Laxative, & the ultimate product...R&C Lice
    Treatment, to market a state of the art treatment product to
    be sold to professional dentists &
    The next biggest blunder was the ill-advised
    issuance of the convertible preferred debt. If you don't
    believe that was a blunder, I'll go back & retrieve the article on this method of rasing cash, assuming
    it was needed in the first place.
    The absolute
    refusal to co-operate with the analyst community is
    inexcusable. Is it a result of the rediculous agreement with
    Block, or just a supercillious attitude of management?
    Either case, the blame lies squarely at Urheim's
    Despite the negative vote against management that
    was 20 X the prior years vote, this management is
    entrenched & scoff at the minority shareholders. Nothing
    will change until real business managers are in place.
    I don't see that happenning. How big would a
    company like Cisco be today if Len Begozian (sp?)& former
    wife, (the original founders) were still running the
    company? These scientists at Atrix are not gonna cut it.
    That's my opinion. fwiw.

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    • I don't either - and we're getting out of my
      comfort level! Lipophilic I know would imply of course
      fat (not too important here) and nerve membranes
      (maybe helpful). The A.a. seems to concentrate in
      connective tissue, and I really don't know the lipid content
      there - its mostly collagen fibers, but beyond that,
      I'm not sure.

      As far as the level of bactermia
      - I'll bet the levels are reduced with Atridox, but
      again I really question the clinical significance. Even
      the once established need for antibiotic
      premedication for patients with heart murmurs is changing, and
      I suspect will be nearly eliminated when the new
      guidelines come out (except for a few specific cases). I'm
      not saying its not important - I really don't know
      for sure - but in light of the fact that patients
      self-induce a small but transient bacteremia every time they
      eat, I'd be surprised if it was significant, and that
      may be why ATRX isn't releasing it. Just a

      You know, I was supposed to be done with all this
      stuff when I finished my boards! You are at least
      making me think! I'm real curious to know if some of the
      hotshots at ATRX (esp. Dr Garrett) read this stuff - if I
      see them at the AGD meeting I may ask 'em.

    • Doxy is highly lipophilic and is readily absorbed
      into surrounding tissue. (However, I'm not sure if
      that translates into all tissue types or what the
      effective distance from point of origin is). Atiridox has
      done studies suggesting the absorbed doxy maintains
      lethal dosage levels for in excess of 30 days.

      ATRX is currently conducting studies to determine
      levels of bacteremia caused by SRP vs. Atridox. Rumor
      mill indicates preliminary results are startling in
      favor Atridox. Why doesn't ATRX release this info?

    • I'm sure SRP causes higher levels initally, but
      what do you think will be more significant over a long
      period - you eat (and hopefully floss and brush) a lot
      more than you have SRP done. Rest assured, the body is
      constantly assaulted by bacteria, and can handle the
      challenge for the most part!

    • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      Donald, FYI, you can also cause a bacteremia (bacteria in
      the blood stream) by the simple everyday acts of
      eating, brushing, and flossing? So what are you going to
      do? Not

      Yes, but what are the relative amounts of bacteremia
      caused by these things you mention? Don't you think that
      something as invasive as SRP would cause an awful lot more
      bacteremia than eating, brushing or flossing?

      No, I
      don't have any study saying that SRP causes more
      bacteria in the bloodstream than any of those things, but
      wouldn't common sense tell us that it probably does?