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  • silverisgold88 silverisgold88 Apr 10, 2011 10:42 AM Flag

    Silver wheaton vs Silver

    Hi chemaes - thanks as always for your input. Looks as though you have a friendly bunch here on this board,and willing to share their ideas on making a buck in this market. I remember you saying you were from Canada but don`t remember if you still live there, anyway I was trying to look up HZU and couldn't find it. I know that it trades on the TSX (HZU.TO) but can you buy it here in the US? Also do they have a similar ETF that is not leveraged?

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    • Hi silv,

      Yes, I'm still in the great white north as my American buddies would say.

      Yep, friendly and very intelligent folks on this board. None of the nastiness that exists on the SLW board. A lot of great ideas for trades posted here.

      Check this link for the symbol listing in canada: HZU should be half way down. There is one that is like SLW that just tracks silver too.

      Yes you can buy in the US, you just have to arrange it with your broker, if they offer the service. If they don't find one that does. ie TD waterhouse or Etrade etc.

      Looks like the final action on friday did correctly tell of a short term top. What happens over the next day or two will be important in telling if this top last days or months. $40.46 silver is the danger line. All in cash since this morning. I have a bid in at this price and if it continues through and down, I close and am done.

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