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  • unleashed69 unleashed69 Sep 15, 2011 2:52 PM Flag

    currency war's

    CHEM, my apologizes. You are absolutely correct, gold does trade on fundamentals just like all other commodities do. I just don't believe it is at this moment in time.

    As you stated recently (Chem) >>"I'm trying to search the charts for clues and it is the most confusing I've ever seen them.

    Add to this the dollar goes up, gold and silver go down.

    The goes down, gold and silver go down.

    Something different is happening and I'm not sure what it is."<<

    Back to my previous statement >>"I don't, it's all about fear of the unknown, take away the fear and replace it with certainty and gold will collapse."<<

    "But because our commodity markets are warped and corrupted, they trade on speculation."

    This appears to be what is happening now, I don't see gold totatly collapsing but I do believe a small correction is progress, until fear raises it's hideous head again. JMO.

    (Chem)>>It seems a central theme of your argument is that the money supply function of the dollar can not account for gold doing what it does.<<

    As you stated >>(Chem) "Something different is happening and I'm not sure what it is."

    My intention was not a argument . Just conversation.

    I believe we're both on the same page here, there is something strange going on in the gold and silver pits. (Refer back to the corruption statement.)

    Chem, I have the utmost respect for you and your trading expertise, as you are a master technician and I enjoy reading your posts.

    Good Luck!

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