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  • mjff mjff Oct 2, 2011 11:24 PM Flag

    Bearish For Gold?

    Just as the $ has the Fed debasing it, gold has it's own "printing press" called miners. This Alaska mine would put 50 million ounces of the metal in circulation. Don't expect to see the gold bugs own up to this little "problem" for their argument as to why you should own the stuff though, and the next market crash won't make any of it vanish either, unlike the supply of the good old $ that gets destroyed every time the market crashes.

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    • True, but it's hard, expensive work mining gold. By comparison, the Fed doesn't even have to go to the trouble of printing dollars to "print dollars." They can just say it's so and poof, they exist.

      I will definitely short gold once alchemy is perfected. Or after it goes on a parabolic run. Whichever comes first.

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      • Lol..good analogy MJ.

        Sticking with it, yes true, gold has it's own printing press - mines.

        However, consider the US Fed just one printing press in a very large building have multiple printing presses. In this building you have the Zimbabwe printing press, the Japanese printing press, the Argentinian printing press, the UK printing press etc. all seemingly running full bore to out-do the other presses.

        Meanwhile, and similarly gold does have it's printing press via mines, but each operator of the printing press (ie Venezuela, china) is stealing the production into their lunch pale so that the press doesn't releasing the same quantity of production in the market.

        I know it's academic but fun responding:)

        In the end, more currency as opposed to dollar production hits the market to drive down value of currency (trying to keep their exports going in the face of a strong dollar), meanwhile less of the gold production hits the market for a clamoring herd.

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