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  • livermore1929 livermore1929 Feb 21, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Jumped the gun two days ago, and therefore doubled down, so my average is 9.45, what a no new wipe out.

    As they say, buy when there is blood in the streets, however they also say don't try to catch a falling knife, which I clearly did. I had to get a variety of small fills on this one so as to not drive up the price.

    The value here is just so compelling, p/e, p/s and the like. I still think the stock was undervalued at 15, although its quick rise predicted a fall, although 40% in a week, c'mon, that's nuts.

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    • I wish I had your problem...I own it a lot higher than you and a lot of shares. That being said, I'm not selling yet. I really think this has become pretty oversold and agree on the fundamentals. Good luck!

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      • As I'm sure you know, small stocks can have really insane moves that have absolutly nothing to do with the fundamentals, the last time I rode this for a 100% gain in two months, that was a bit much so I bailed at 15 when it flatlined, in retrospect I should have shorted if I really thought that it was going to go down, oh well.

        What I failed to consider was that small stocks often involve small retail gamblers that play one stock on margin and that helps drive the selling as they get those margin calls. Also short firms tend to attack small stocks on the downswing and spread rumors of accounting fraud or whatever

        I'm sorry that you bought higher however if you are patient the stock should come back, as they are growing their business quite well.

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