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  • livermore1929 livermore1929 Feb 26, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Well, insanity can't last forever, eventually logic and values return to normal.

    looks stable, falls, rinse, repeat. people are giving up in a wholesale way on this company, and forgeting the lessons of history in the process. I'm sympathetic, every day in the past ten days was a a day when a person could have sold and made a more effective decision to buy the next day.

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    • Many buyers are staying on the sidelines waiting for the turn around. If they lose some profits waiting then so be it. No one in the financial industry worth their salt would say that this stock is being manipulated, but they know full well that it is, and they are waiting for the perfect time to get back in and ride this stock for a huge profit. It is interesting that the press is dead silent. No one is trying to trash the reputation of the company, they just want the stock as cheaply as they can get it, and then they will begin the full court press to resurrect this stock.

    • The whole sector is down according to IBD. Look at AGM, SNM, OCB, & WAC. I think part of the selling for the market as a whole is from the investors whole made profits last year and are selling their stocks to pay for taxes.

    • Do you think the rebound will happen on a dime - one hour it reverses big time? Or do you think it'll take a few sessions of leveling off and gradual uptick?

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      • If they get bought at 16 it will, this will probably take months to return to 15 because so much technical damage has been done to the stock. The odd thing is that people will want the stock only after others want the stock, regardless of the fundamental value of the firm, as you've seen the same thing happens in reverse.

        Then again after they report their earnings the stock could jump back to 15 quickly, frantic short covering and all that. It's a real toss up, so I don't try to predict the future, unless of course I predict that in the future it will be equally as hard to predict the future as it is today.

        My motto of buying panic in a good firm and being very patient has worked for years, the stock price between when I buy and sell is in actuality nothing more than an amusing passtime that reflects perception and not reality.

        The president of the firm own 4 million shares, and he wasn't madly selling at 15 was he? If I remember your in school, go order get a copy of this book for $10.00, Pushing to the Front. It is basically many (small) lessons in the timeless the art of living well. I was written in 1894 or so, it stuck around this long so you know it's good. It will put you well ahead of your peers.

        Now go study.

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