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  • newgrad2012 newgrad2012 Apr 15, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Bristol Myers grows earnings at 8.9% and has a p/e of 35, Mngt. does nothing to create demand.

    The shorts have destroyed this stock, nobody wants it because the shorts just continually smash it down with every rise. I'm absolutly convinced that stocks have nothing to do with reality, it's how mauch hype in either direction can be created by big money interests.

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    • new grad,

      sh#t up...its not the market or the shorts, its you. Take a look at your investment actions critically, blaming shorts....the market,,,'big money'....yada yada yada....every time your buys don't work out will not help you as an investor. At least play devil's advocate and understand the other side of the trade. Then decide, is it worth waiting out, or should I add? As I've for the past three months.....the flip side is refi's are slowing, and comps may be negative after q1. And q1 is seasonally weak. And the big increase in sharecount from the December to March quarter (due to stock dividend and other) will hurt earnings a bit (about 10%), as well as tangible book value per share. And they continue to state in their filings that third party potential claiims are increasing....they increased from $20 mil over $25 mil from Sept to Dec, and they stated that they have continue to increase after that. Last quarter, they took an additional $900,000 charge (which hit their net income) to cover their possible obligations.

      The positives are pretty obvious......its inexpensive on a p/e basis, decent balance sheet, and the housing upswing should partially cover the decrease in refi's. Even if comps decrease, SNFCA could still be cheap at these levels.

      Just remember that next quarter is seasonally weaker, so revenue and earnings should decrease sequentially.

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      • You sound like an academic who is developing an argument that the stock market is an efficient discounting mechanism, that is funny, you, are funny. If you look at the trading pattern of this it is obviously a short attack, and it obviously creates the desire for one guy to get out before the next guy, and so on, the stock has lost everything it gained from after reporting earnings on no news yet you still maintain your argument, silly. You should really study the history of the markets before you lay claim to the validity of current academinc theories, however you have ironicaly proven one aspect of a short attack to be correct, it makes people think that the market is "telling" them something.

    • Fundamentals win out in the end. Another strong quarter or 2 and SNFCA will be in double digits. Cheapest play on housing recovery i can find!

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