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  • carib127 carib127 Oct 31, 2013 6:11 PM Flag


    I am a neophyte at this. It is something that I am trying to learn since my retirement. So, I know what I am about to say is probably just stupid. However, I will say it anyway. Exactly one (1) year ago today, the price of SNFCA was $4.71; Value was $7.05 sales growth was 55%; earnings growth was 35%: it climbed steadily to an intra-day high of $15.39 on 02-08-13.
    Today the stock price sits at $5.87; Value is $11.09; sales growth is 8%; earnings growth is 33%
    While some fundamentals do not look as good as last year, the stock is much more under valued today than it was a year ago. I am hoping that this stock will do a (cycle) repeat and make a huge run up over the next few months.
    Ok, Ok, Ok, I know that is just wishful thinking. lol. so you can all now tell me just how stupid my post is.
    Good luck and good trading to all.
    trade well

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    • This stock is dead money. SELL it All and move on. cut your losses NOW

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    • actually your post is informative; thanks for the research info. I dont' know, but I'm guessing average per day trading volume is less than it was during that previous climb and unless we see the volume increase siginificantly it will be difficult to reach those levels again. These last few days have been encouraging...

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    • carib-
      IMO, there is no way that we will see a repeat of the rip higher from $5.00 in Nov., 012 to $15.39 in Feb., 013... the reason is simple; the housing market has fizzled and the street has lost it's appetite for stocks in this space. Hopefully, we will see a bump when Q3 is released, but it may only be a flash. Also, we can only hope for a possible resurgence in the housing market next year, but that maybe wishful thinking if interest rates continue to rise as many are predicting. SNFCA is a decent company and the fact that is it undervalued keeps me interested... the lack of vision from its management team to improve shareholder value turns me into a trader rather than an investor in this company.
      Good luck,

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