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  • alphadecision alphadecision Nov 21, 2006 3:56 AM Flag

    Accelrys definite winner after Tripos got busted?

    Tripos announced yesterday that they sold their software unit to venture capitla firm based in te west coast. They also announced that they will liquidate the company.

    It sounds like it is a good opportunity for Acclerys to definitely become the "de-facto" standard in this field.

    Do you think the company will be able to capitalize on Tripos failure? Is it a goodtime to buy Accelrys shares?

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    • You seem to have ALL the answers. Why, then, ask the question?
      Or perhaps, you just do not know the actual facts "on the ground". The sale of Tripos does not change the fact that neither it,nor ACCL have been able to become the "de facto" standard. If anything, this announcement wll bring to the fore i.e . to everyone's attention, the fact that the two large companies have failed to keep up with their competition and are thus starting to disintegrate. Many of their customers will have to reevaluate their long held positions and explore some other alternatives. That will not mean that ACCL will not pick up its fair share of TRPS's business mow up for grabs but it also means that some of the competitors will also pick up their fair share. And that will make them stronger and more dangerous. Having been negative on this stock since 2001 I maintain my position and would not be a buyer.Finally, the only thing that the TRPS transaction actually does do is the fact that it shows that ACCL shares are fairly valued as the stock sells for about 1x revenues plus cash in bank. Evereything else is nothing but wishful thinking.

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      • Thanks for the reply symbio6.

        I agree with you on the fact that Accelrys AND its competitors may pick up some of she shares. For what I have found out by searching around, all the competitors (Chemical Computing Group, Schrodinger, OpenEye, Digital Chemistry, ModGraph, Molecular Discovery,...) are private companies. Accelrys is the only public company still alive in this field. Is that correct? If so, my thought was that an investment on a mid term (12-15 months) could be profitable? I guess that you would not recommend that either.

        Re "de facto" standard. Wrong term obviously.

        BTW: If I had all the answers I would not bother putting my thoughts here and then asking for correction and feedback. It's my money after all and I don't want to waste it. This is why I appreciate your comments :-)