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  • riprock_d riprock_d Oct 26, 2007 3:39 PM Flag

    Earnings call ...

    on 10/01

    What's your consensus?

    I'm guessing negative.

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    • Even at all that, take your money out of this and put it in $USD at least earning some interest. When the dollar strenghtens (2011?), then you can convert back. Or maybe visit the U.S. on the cheap and spend it here!

      Letting it rot in ACCL is doesn't make sense. If you think it's going to go up, buy more.

      If you think it's going to be flat or down, (with no dividends), sell it.

    • Listened to it and concluded that:
      (1) the explanations re. declines in deferred revenues were lame at best
      (2) the quality of the questions/individuals asking them reminded me of those asked/asking on Tripos' last few earnings calls before its demise 9 not that I am predicting it here!)
      It never ceases to amaze me to listen to uninformed people asking dumb questions and buying everything they are told, only to discover that they are either "analysts" ( God help their clients) or "managers" of investment funds ( is there any possible help for investors?).It is really sad but , on the other hand, it sets up the splendid opportunities which can be found in these turbulent markets. In many ways it is like " stealing candy from a baby". Disgusting. But... PROFITABLE!

    • Given the price rise yesterday and only a slight fall today, my suspicion would be a second quarter in profit. Probably a similar profit to last quarter.

      Again, it'll be the defered revenue to watch for. If thats down year on year then the sales team are going to have one hell of a stressed Q3.

    • Negative yes, but hidden by the usual 'smoke and mirrors' tricks from Emjker. This really has become the boondoggle to beat them all.