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  • atc558 atc558 Jul 17, 2008 10:54 AM Flag

    Time for Emjker to go?

    So after at least 5 years at Accelrys what exactly has Emjker managed to do?

    On the plus side, we are told constantly that costs are under control, as of course they should be with so many staff being forced out or moving on and not been replaced.

    However, on the downside what has happened to sales? Nothing really, indeed if you remove the latest fad at that time (BioInformatics, ChemInformatics, Datacontent, Nanotechnology, Scitegic, ...) then if anything sales have contracted year upon year with the only option being to find another fad, go hell for leather with it and then wonder how to integrate this mess.

    Of course this is all reflected in a stock price which was around $25 and now close to $5.

    Based on this, exactly why is Emjker still in post? Indeed how does he justify his salary and bonus?

    Of course the problem is I don’t know who can take this company forwards, but there must be somebody else out there who is not so inept.

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    • Don't know the answer to that but the results for the quarter ended June 30th are not very good. Mainly, there seems to be a deterioration in the company's business with deferred revenues down by almost $8 million from last year. Eventually, revenues earned should reflect this decrease and the losses should mount. Time will tell but the Board has been patient thus far. But then who else would take the job?