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  • worffratt worffratt Jun 29, 2006 4:29 PM Flag

    Stock price inching North

    United Bank is approaching the one year mark. Volume's been increasing (although it's still pretty thin), and the price is coming up. I think we could see some well-deserved hikes in the share price in the coming weeks and months.
    Westbank's $18.00 with less than half the market cap?
    And Westfield Financial's very comparable and selling at $28.00???
    How are we still 12 bucks????
    This issues heading NORTH, IMO.

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    • I knew a guy who was playing tech the same way during the bubble. He didn't know anything, thought he knew everything. His analysis was if there was a stock at 10 and it went to 50, then another stock that was at 10 in the same industry was worth 50 also. It was so easy, he was so stupid but made a fortune. And then lost the fortune. To this day, he still doesn't understand where he went wrong. He blamed it on the bubble.

    • " Westbank's $18.00 with less than half the market cap? "

      That kind of statement destroys any credibility you might have.

      Its the intrinsic value of the assets underlying each share. If UBNK did a stock split, would it suddenly be worth more as a company? Would the shares be any more or less valuable? The answer is no, and no. you clearly don't understand that.

      That being said, yes, volume is finally picking up and bringing the price with it, based on the fundamentals, not on the fact that it has x number of shares or that some other bank is half the size with more valuable shares(i.e. no correlation whatsoever).

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      • "That kind of statement destroys any credibility you might have."

        Well... as a qualifier (or a DIS-qualifier), let me say that NO anonymous message board poster really deserves all that much credit or credibility.
        That said, you're right. I just quickly did a snapshot from the Yahoo synopsis, and looked at market cap and share price.
        If I'd looked just a little further... I'd have seen that WestBank has less than HALF the P/E, THREE TIMES the EPS, and pays more than TWICE the dividend as UBNK... so far.

        So. You're right. I'll try not to mindlessly pump UBNK, but I like it, and I think it's going higher, based on I wish it would, and it's a great bank that's growing, profitable and has good management and a bright future... and then there's that much-whispered about.. "takeover target some day" thing.
        So. Even with UBNK down 60 cents today and closing at a new high (I don't really get it; was the 13 bucks after hours?), the trend here is very friendly. (mindFULL pump).
        In my defense, at least I didn't try to compare UBNK to Webster or Berkshire... yet.

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