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  • ssam ssam Jul 28, 2006 1:14 AM Flag

    POOL's revenue and Housing Market

    I am really not worried about POOL went down 26%. In fact, when it gets to 50, I am really worried about over bought. But it is now over sold. I had just picked 1500 share at $38.5 because I think it is over sold.
    As I said before, the foundmental is not changed. In fact, they are continusly improve the operation margin. So even if they do not expend the market share, they are still attaractive investment. I would be supprised if all the 3 insiders buying it without knowing it will going down.
    I am looking to see a strong quarter for next one, simply because the record weather we are enduring now. I am sure you will see another record sales. While POOL's turn over of inventory is long, it becomes an advantage that those product purchased at lower price in early this year or last year has started to bring prifit simply because accounting rule.
    I own another stock EWBC, it has similar earning patten and sales growth, but it always lagged behind POOL in price. Now when POOL's pric is over corrected, EWBC is selling more then POOL. It will be a crime if I do not pick up some of the shares on the way.

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    • What you say is valid. But if there were a 100% way to value a company on fundamentals everyone would be doing it.

      My point is that all companies, including Pool, are tied to a degree to the state of the economy and a serious slowdown will drive the entire market down further.

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