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  • ssam ssam Oct 2, 2006 2:11 PM Flag


    It just futher supported my statement, POOL has little to do with the housing market growth rate. It is mainly comes from existing home consumption of chemicals etc.

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    • You seem to be kind of an expert on this stock, can you answer a few questions?

      What % of sales and profit is based on the companies individual components
      Chemical Sales
      Equipment (Pumps, Filters, etc)
      Pool Kits (In-ground & Above ground)
      Complimentary Items
      Percentage of profit due to price increases

      The stock grew substantially through all kinds of markets and housing fluctuations. How much was do to the following?
      Buy up of competitors and who is left
      Low interest rates
      High home equity ( starting to diminish )
      Where did most home owners get their money to build or refubish pools.

    • Yes chemical sales are a big part of sales, but the growth comes from new installs, and new installs are driven by people having money to blow on the their houses, and that has been drvien by borrowing against their home equity and putting in pools. Anybody who tells you different is lying to themselves because they want to "believe" in POOL.
      Question for those out there - why are they buying sprinkler distributors? Sprinkler systems are anothe thing driven by new houses and equity withdrawals on old houses - where is the recurring revenue from that? Do they sell water to run through sprinkler systems?

    • chemicals are a big part of it, but it is slowly going away because of salt.(you figure). alot of there buisness has to do with construction and now items that compliment the construction

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