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  • rockingthefilmore rockingthefilmore Mar 6, 2007 8:36 AM Flag

    Insider Selling

    Interesting that one of the top guys is selling in the mid-$30's. Not sure what, if anything, this small sale says to the rest of the community.
    Any ideas?

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    • Well, nothing to be supprised at. It is Tax time, everyone needs the cash.
      The typical text book says never take inside sell as a sign of anything, but an inside buying would be something to look at.

    • As long as insiders can get stock options for little or nothing they have no vested interest in improving the performance of Pool stock. This option is not only good for the top managers but also for other branch managers, that is why Pool is so poorly managed. I would like to see them get paid by their performance ,not by cheap stock options.

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      • Those options that were "little or nothing" were based on multiple stock splits, just like the shares I bought years ago and continued to buy therefore lowering my overall cost basis. Check current options and they are barely worth the paper they are printed on...for now anyway.

        Next, all POOL managers are competitively compensated but in no way overpaid...CEO all the way to branch managers. Check the officers pay compared to ohter companies of POOL's size.

        The only way to make more $$ is via the bonus plan which is directly tied to NET INCOME (performance), not just sales and certainly not just INVENTORY but anything and everything that gets $$ to the bottom line which will increase EPS. Again, read the annual report and look at salaries and bonus payouts and read what is required to qualify for those bonuses.

        I'm sorry you didn't jump in the POOL early and are currently sitting on shares that have split multple times so that you too own shares for "little or nothing"...bitter, table for one!

      • the stock options are tied into non competes. This options for managers is in the $11 range.
        These guys are locked in but the options value are not as beneficial as in the past.

        Managers are caught in a pickle the are bonused on lowering inventories but get nicked on stock outs and back orders.
        Tough position

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