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  • mathkitty2 mathkitty2 Dec 7, 2011 1:45 PM Flag

    I Bought ADXS.OB ! Check it Out!

    Yes,Thanks Me!

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    • that's insane!

      adxs.ob doesn't even have a drug yet in development. they are at pre-ind stage with only 1 drug in the pipeline. and they are trading at amkt cap almost equal to ino, about $45 mil-50 mil.

      ino has 2 drugs in phase 2 and like 6 more in p1, and about 5-7 more in preclincal.

      the fact that they are almost trading at the same mkt cap says ino is severely under valued!

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      • sorry, 3 drugs in phase 2! hepc, hpv, and malaria

        adxs only 1 drug in preclinical, just now looking to enter p1 clinicals. they just had a pre-ind meeting.

        both trade at roughly the same mkt cap.

        something is a miss, eventually arbitrageurs will come in and jack the price back to where it should be. $1+

        as for MA&G, they're selling for tax purposes and probably out of spite, considering they probably bought at or near the all time high and now they are selling at the all time low! so that tells me no fundamental change in ino, just a temporary drop in pps due to poor fund managament and very bad timing.

        if p2 is good and we move on to p3, i don't think we'll be trading in pennyland anymore. like i said, i'm buying as much as i can at these levels and over the next year, 2012, i expect every single share that bought to be green.

        happened with neop, was about a 2 year hold for me. bought all i could in 2010 around $1-2, and 2011 it took off, over $5! every single share i ever bought was heavily in the green. that's where i shoulda sold but got a little greedy.

        now doing the same with ino. i figure about a 2 year hold and i'll probably have 400-1,000% gains.

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