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  • mathkitty2 mathkitty2 Mar 3, 2012 11:49 PM Flag

    catchem-all Ecuuuuse Me!

    As "mathkitty", I highly resent your implication that I am a wacko. Negativity is the language of losers, of which I am not. In the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, (you've heard of this document, I assume) we Americans are guaranteed the right of free speech. If you disagree with what I post, then you have the right to counter. Differences of opinion in posts should be respectful, not spiteful, scornful, or silly. Debating a topic or point of view requires facts and reasonable intelligence. To impune the veracity of a person's identity in posts is inappropriate and immature. Name-calling is for children, not serious, adult investors. Adults agree to disagree. Name-calling is beneath the caliber of communication assumed for posting about important issues, such as stocks, products, possible mergers, etc. Long-term investors such as myself understand the risks and rewards of investing.

    In conclusion, if I choose to believe in this company, that is my right of opinion. If I choose to invest in this company, that is also my right. If I choose to post something about this company, that is most certainly my right. We should all be grateful that we, as Americans, have the right to debate issues, controversial or not, without fear of any government reprisals such as imprisonment, physical and emotional harm, and other anti-intellectual and anti-economic endeavors.

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