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  • my1styhooacct my1styhooacct Mar 18, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    ino making news (pioneer press)

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    • As they noted in this Pioneer Press article, the two fundamental things that have changed everything in the last 5 years alone are (1) THE TECHNOLOGY and what might be called (2) ALGORITHMIC INFORMATICS on virology.

      In other words, prior to the last 5 years, to sequence ANY complex organism took a very long time; heck, 10 years ago, to sequenc the human genome --- in in what Craig Venter called the "shot gun" method --- it took both his Celera and the NIH almost 10 years!

      Up until 5 years ago, it still took many weeks to many months.

      It's only this year that half a dozen sequencing company said they could do any genome, ideally, within 1-3 days.

      But as Kim said, small companies like INO have been investing quite a few years chiping away at this "Holy Grail"/"Universal Vaccine" problem and now, there are already 3-4 companies doing very similar PhaseI-PhaseII clinicals, using the new/next generation knowledge and technology, which includes DNA plasmid construction, using the MOST CONSERVED DNA and viral nuclear RNA peptide material....

      As I see it, the only other small company that is really at least 1-2 years ahead of INO --- due to Israel's MORE STREAMLINED FDA requirements --- is tiny Israel's BiondVax, which is doing a Phase II, starting in Europe, now that it has done Phase I and Phase IIa in Israel successully....

      But BiondVax is targeting, at least on the current trial, people who are 65 or older. That may just be some technicality for clinicology purposes; I'm sure they could reformulate the vaccine for younger folks, too.

      But here in the USA, DVAX may be a few months ahead of INO, but INO's electroporation delivery and its carefully constructed plasmids SEEM to be the most assured, the most efficacious, on this "Holy Grail" pursuit....

      Doubts are virtually gone at this juncture in the pursuit of "universal vaccines" for flu's, because of the phenomenal advancement in sequencing technology, particularly of THIS YEAR ALONE, and the application of INFORMATICS technology, search everywhichway to come up with the MOST relevant, most conserved nuclear materials that TIE ALL STRAINS/families of flu viruses together in a way that they all can be successfully tackled...


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