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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jan 9, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    Interesting......INO avoiding cancer cure......

    based on what I've researched, imho, there is no reason this process couldn't be used to find a cure for cancer......I suppose, going after these other diseases allows them to get their foot in the door without threatening the medical cancer establishment which has much to lose if a cure is found or an effective on INO's part to go under the radar with these relative benigh diseases compared to cancer......perhaps to get establish first and then go on after the BIG one....however, they will probably succumb to the evil that is in place preventing any advancement in the meaningful cancer treatment area....:D

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    • They are involved in 4 cancer trials,have you looked at their pipeline or been to their website at all?

    • Cancer is not a disease, it is a general description of a large group of diseases all of which are characterized by unchecked cell proliferation; many of which are totally unrelated. There simply is no "cure for cancer". There might be a cure for "small cell lung carcinoma" (as a random example) as that is a specific disease, as is "p53 positive colon cancer" (as another random example). However I don't see how INO's research lines are relevant. Furthermore there is no "medical cancer establishment" that would interfere with possible therapies, so I am unclear what you are trying to say. I myself am in INO because of it's pipeline of candidates, any of which could, if blessed by the FDA, make lots of money. My fingers are crossed and a good bit of my "play money" is in.

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