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  • tomtursk tomtursk Jan 22, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    overly optomistic

    I am a long time Inovio investor and I believe they will be a game changing technology. It will be a long ride though. We could see a pop into a higher trading range this year and I believe we will. There could also be a lot of the typical trader sell into the news happening this year. Danger signals abound when there is an overly optimistic aura surrounding any company. Those who are extremely optimistic tend to sell when there is any down turn and cause a cascading effect on the share price. Invest and hold on for the ups and downs. The penny stock traders who sell on pops or who make the cardinal mistake of bailing out on a downturn can hurt the share price. better to not be too optimistic and hold on for the long term. This company will greatly reward those who have bought it under one dollar but it may take another year or two. The unknown is wall street and how they will view it over the course of this year.. Piper Jafferies initiation at overweight was a major boost but realize these firms downgrade just as fast as they upgrade, very often. Their price target is only 90 cents. Hang on. IMHO.

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    • It's nice to see the excitement around here. I'm not busting bubbles, just being for real like the OP.

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    • I have continued to acquire INO shares over the past couple of years... acquiring each month.... paying a lot attention on the fundamentals.... a lot less attention on the shareprice.... I acquired shares at .47, .50, .65, .72 etc. If INO goes to a $2 I'll continue to buy (fewer) shares....

      It's all about.....

      1.) their vaccines actually are novel, safe, and efficacious - delivering unprecedented clinical outcomes

      2.) they've built up a significant barriers to entry for other competitors as a result of their broad patent estate

      3.) they're partnered with gov & NGO's and managing risk via these partnerships etc. etc.

      4.) their vaccine portfolio is broad and addressing HUGE unmet medical needs.... -AND- maturing.... hence the mark-up is warranted....

      As I've mentioned in posts before,... my biggest concern... is NOT that INO will fail a key clinical test(s),... but rather that INO will be acquired prematurely before investors will be amply rewarded for their investment..... I'm not interested in a 2-3x return on my money.... when I know the company's potential....

    • I will be very happy to hit and hold .90 this year. Great post!

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