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  • deliveryman61 deliveryman61 Mar 2, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    Are we Scamming Merck and Pfizer??? Idiots run those Companys right trash?


    Are we Scamming our Partners and collaborators The US Military and The Department of Homeland Security Garbage? Do we have 'them' Fooled at Plum Island Nimrod? PATH Malaria and the Gates Foundation...Buffet and Gates....ALL Scammed by INO huh huh hoooo but NOT YOU. Your Smarter than ALL of Them.

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    • They're more sophisticated than I am. I am feeling a little scammed at this point. I was led to believe by Kim on prior conference calls that a dilutive offering wasn't in the picture this early in 2013. I was also led to believe that Kim cares about the shareholders. While the latter isn't necessarily true yet, it depends on what happens next. I'm waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop...

    • dman - just put "dumbthough" on Ignore... life's a lot easier.... Clearly he has a genetic disorder... one that not even INO can cure....

    • yea idiots prd and smarthough , LOL, would say yes, but they are complete morons. They are probably the same person.

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    • Actually, the ability to perform DD by Merck alone would dwarf all other ability for DD on this MB. These companies have sustained ability to recognize inovation, development pathways and regulatory approval for of product. They also are totally familiar with the regulatory pathway. INO will continue to progress to independence or merger through collaboration and reaching regulatory goals. Lots of pathogenic viruses hide from the immune system by mutation (flu) or masking (HIV virus coats itself in sugar or remnants of the cell membrane from which the virus broke out) in order to protect itself from T cell immunity. I worked with the CFAR (Center for Aids Research) back in the 1990s at DFCI. DDS, now famous at MGH, was a resident there and taught all of us a lot. DRR, one of the few women doctors, told NIH that the modified live SHIV chimeric viruses were goint to amplify back into a human virus and she was right. DDA perfected the methods for washing sperm free of the virus so an HIV postive man could be a father. DRR also perfected the use of anti-HIV antiserum to protect fetuses in utero (untrasound guided umbilical injections of antiserum), saturating the amniotic fluid with antiserum and injecting the mother with antiserum so that the virus would not transmit by blood mingling during a cesarean section. But you have it your way. I have ignore.

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