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  • deliveryman61 deliveryman61 Mar 14, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    In early February the HIV testing was complete and given to 'peers' for review. Why the delay?...


    Dr.Kim's 'peers' are not the 'Preeminent' Scientists in the field of HIV/AIDS research, my belief, as INO has not attained this level YET. Some have worked on a Cure for DECADES now and have a Warehouse of Knowledege on the Subject....SOOO, IF....We have succeeded, our Results wil No Doubt Have to be THOROUGHLY inspected by some of these 'Leaders' in this Field...first the 'peers'...ultimately...the 'Leaders' thus...Delay. In Addition, Success in this Arena would require a well orchestrated ' Scientific Breakthrough News Conference'...You saw the attention 1 single case of an unverified (more time required) HIV Cure received in the Media....You've read the HIV Phase 1 pre-lims...You know what Antigen-Specific CD-8(killer) T-cells' function is...You Know that our Methodology showed an 83% Clearance rate(double the S.O.C.) in HepC phase 1 with Chrontech, Proving we can show a 'Cure Rate'...SO...Relax, wait for the News 'cause it Will be GOOD...Question is..How Good?

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    • You make a good argument. Anecdotely, results should be good. If it's any better than standard of care it just shows that with more tweaking of the virus/delivery they should be able to get better. Let's hope for great news, not only for investors but for those stricken with the illness.

    • Delivery, I hesitate replying to one of your messages. I've always appreciate the information you've provided. But I'd like to bring up what I think is a logical concern (and btw, I've sort of taken a break from MB for quite some time, so I may be missing some information). My biggest concern is I believe that INO knows the HIV final data, or else they wouldn't be under review. Despite this knowledge, they proceeded with a dilution (which admittedly was necessary). I worry about the strength of the results, b/c IMO, if they are stellar, you would wait to dilute until after they are released. Bernie stated to me that you never know what the market response to data may be. I believe positive HIV data would be a huge positive event. I'm a little taken aback but I hold like I have forever.

      I'm not here to argue. I believe I've been in this stock longer than you. I just want you're input on this (and some other die-hard longs as well).

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