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    ino has many programs running

    many opportunities


    The potential for smallpox to be disseminated in a bioterror attack has prompted development of new, safer smallpox vaccination strategies. We designed and evaluated immunogenicity and efficacy of a T-cell epitope vaccine based on conserved and antigenic vaccinia/variola sequences, identified using bioinformatics and immunological methods. Vaccination in HLA transgenic mice using a DNA-prime/peptide-boost strategy elicited significant T cell responses to multiple epitopes. No antibody response pre-challenge was observed, neither against whole vaccinia antigens nor vaccine epitope peptides. Remarkably, 100% of vaccinated mice survived lethal vaccinia challenge, demonstrating that protective immunity to vaccinia does not require B cell priming."

    Inovio Pharmaceuticals gets DoD continuation grant for synthetic DNA vaccine delivery device

    The U.S. Department of Defense has given a Small Business Innovation Research grant to Inovio Pharmaceuticals to continue developing a low-cost, non-invasive surface electroporation (EP) delivery device. This second-phase grant includes the testing of the device in conjunction with Inovio’s innovative synthetic DNA vaccines against viruses with bioterrorism potential, including hanta, puumala, arenavirus and pandemic influenza.

    In the first phase of this project, Inovio focused on optimization of its current minimally-invasive intradermal EP device. This intradermal device penetrates no further than three millimeters compared to intramuscular devices which penetrate much deeper, and has proven effective in vaccine delivery.

    Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Inovio’s president and CEO, said “Our human studies have already demonstrated that our existing intradermal delivery device is very tolerable and able to facilitate strong immune responses from our synthetic vaccines."

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