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    From Swedish forums (IF THESE RESULTS ARE CORRECT THIS IS A $10.00 STOCK)

    repost from Alwayslong337

    When I would start this 12veckors new treatment that was not even on the market, but was in a study, it would start the 27/11 2012th The thing is that I have had 5 UTIs for years and even when I could start treatment. I asked if I could at a pencillinkur before and start treatment a week later. Nope, it was so that in a study that began all at once and I could not say no. The doctor said he did not want to give penicillin at the same time it appeared side effects in the study, so no one knew what medicine it was and unsecured cards, they did not have.

    I started treatment with a bothersome urinary tract infection and my thoughts moved around if a treatment can really succeed if other parts of the body were infected and if it was good? 12 rounds is a long time to go with such an infection but I had to bite the bullet. There was nothing else to do. The nurse said-everything-affects the liver so I drew heavily on my vitamner too. Passed the Christmas and New Year and no Christmas beer and no bubbly. Now it was the treatment and liver.

    This time was different than the previous two because then they had the 2 days when you could pick up in the weeks and shop and plan the shots. Now it was helkasst all the time but had to take one day at a time and bite the bullet. Slept badly and everything I ate tasted cardboard so I lived these 12 weeks on vitamins, yogurt, milk and homemade muffins. I can almost bake cupcakes blindfolded and each rear lasted for three days :))

    The 26/2, I had done my 12 weeks and were then told that it was the 28-day half-life of Ribavirinen and that it took a while before they went out of the body. It's a heavy medicine and I noticed that even if the main medicine was gone, so it felt heavy anyway. But it was good to know why you were so tired the treatment was complete

    Now I have been inside two Tuesdays after treatment and took samples, but the strange thing was that when the treatment was finished and I talked to the doctor and had me new urine sample to the nurse who still showed positive he did not print the penicillin so close to completion treatment for the same reasons as before so I was pretty angry when I went away and thought about calling my regular clinic. 3 days later the doctor rang home to me and said he had called the penicillin to my pharmacy ....., this triggered a lot. Among other things, I thought: Yeah, have virus samples have arrived and the treatment has failed and therefore it does not matter anymore if I take penicillin. It is not at all difficult to spin off on different theories, especially as this was the third reading, and I was used to poor test results and phone calls.

    On 23/3, last Friday, I was away and took new samples and did the ultrasound. The nurse said that the lab was delayed by the test results from last time, so I could not get any results. During this study have all samples were sealed so that no one could see how it went week by week until after the end of treatment and when they could so it did not work. Oki, doki - took samples and cycled home. Just thought that I passed Ribavirinens 28 days and was still dead tired. It was not a good idea for it is something you get from HepC it's fatigue. This fatigue is not like normal tiredness, but really heavy .... and the only thing that helps is to rest for one hour at midday

    Yesterday, 25/3 at 16:30 called the nurse and said that all the samples had come. She told me that I had:

    22 million copies of virus when the study began

    1650 virus copies the next week

    395 viral copies third week

    barely visible virus copies fourth week

    then between week 5 and week 12 it was zero.

    first sample after treatment showed zero

    second sample after treatment, ie 25/3 showed zero.

    One must take into account that the treatment ended but that ribavirin did

    its still 28 days after completion of treatment, - my anmäkning ....

    So now it's just to keep all thumbs yesterday and april is the re-sampling again later. Now we need to keep the 6 month limit. Then we know more, so now it's a bit like living in limbo, but spring is on the way and one day at a time applies.

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