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  • stevenlissner Apr 18, 2013 3:46 AM Flag

    deliveryman61 and other genuine longs.


    Don't let those fake pretender longs stop you posting! No positive long investor in a share should be subjected to bashing from another long. If one long disagrees with another that is fine, but to try and make other longs turn against them serves no purpose unless their purpose is to break up the longs that support Inovio. Who if a genuine supporter of Inovio would do that? There are so many alias's on MB's that if you start to follow someone you can never be sure who or what their real intentions are and this includes me. But, if you let these people bully or bash you so that you no longer want to post your positivity and interesting informative post on this MB, you have let them win! Just my thoughts about these so called "longs". LONG & STRONG INOVIO

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    • steven who pays any attention to these brain dead morons with nothing else to do but constantly post bs? They do not really invest, they just go on line and #$%$ with people for the fun of it. Every real investor does their own due diligence so who would listen to these #$%$ heads anyway?

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    • There are not any "rules" for these MBs. So you are going to get a glimpse of lots of "day trader" types and MM wanabes who are trying to push this stock up or down for the "play" associated with a short gain. You can easily discern these types by clicking on their moniker and looking at all the penny stock MBs that they are posting on. You can also looke at the bottom of page 1 of their listed posts and see that they have been doing this since forever. Then you hit "flag" and "ignore." There are certain days on this MB that after I sign in, more than half of the messages are ignored. EOS.

      As for Inovio, they have uniquely valuable technology and a couple of vaccine candidtates that look as though they will emerge from clinical trial and result in millions of doses being sold annually. We just have to wait. It has taken 10 years for this company to get it right which is not that uncommon in the vaccine business.

      The only input I miss is that of a physician who is a vaccinologist/immunologist who could speak to what is occuring currently among all the clinics that are active in the US and elsewhere. Remember the profit margin on vaccines is very small because the objective is to vaccinate everyone (preventive before exposure) and a low cost. I had my Shingles vaccination about 7 years ago when the vaccination cost $150 per dose. Fortunately, I was in my primary doctors office and she had 10 extra doses. She said to my wife and I, "These doses are going to expire this week, you are both over 60, want a free Shingles vaccination?" Now they give flu and shingles vaccinations at Walgreens Drug Store down the street. But some vaccines sell billions of doses for pennies in profit. 1,000,000,000,000 times 5 cents profit is still $50,000,000.

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