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  • deliveryman61 deliveryman61 May 11, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Hey BB...Would it Surprise You if you were to learn that you are the Most Feared and Respected here?


    That is MY I wrong??? It was Also the Case in the Past...must be comfortable in your Shoes again 'bout Now...You HAVE stepped Out of your Shoes in the recent past to clarify your 'position' here....Any confusion at this time you would choose to disuade?...Are you Long AND Strong INO Still my friend?

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    • Cant believe im going to waste time saying not worth the response,Grow up your mother know u r here.Im here for some ideas on INO

    • That is THE MOST rediculous thing I have ever heard! You actually FEAR a poster on YMB. Really. When you sober up tomorrow and read that you are surely going to be embarrassed. You have called him to your side all day long and then this is what you post. I don't even think he knew how to respond to THAT! Well BB, do tell us how it feels to be the "Most Feared". He claimed earlier that if he didn't get his way he was going to unleash you. Looks like it was a little bit of a let down. You just don't get it do you Delivery? Nobody has bashed Ino since Vinny and his crew came thru a long while back. Other than the ADXS posters but you and Stevie CAUSED that. The only bashing is directed at You and Stevie. In fact nobody can even discuss Ino since Stevie came along. You must be one lonely guy to worship him like you do. If you had not encouraged his behavior he would have been ignored long ago. NO, I do not LOVE Ino. It is just one of many investments. A small one at that. That's it. No love, No worship. Just another investment to make a little money. I play with the small cap bio's because they can be fun and exciting. I am a large cap investor to the core. Only thing is all they do is consistently make money with SP gains and dividends month after month after month. Not very exciting. Is this your only investment? Has to be. Sober up and read some of what you wrote.

    • I am long Inovio, in a big way. But I don't know if I am that feared. Some of what people post here is just so obviously ignorant of the facts that simply restating what people say in a slightly different way eliminates any shadow of a doubt among readers here that the bashers here aren't interested in the world of investments. They just have psychological problems. It is just plainly sad.

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