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  • rommell_james rommell_james May 14, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    price for now

    This is preclinical. The price will drop. Phase 2-3 is where the price will climb.

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    • Not if the DOD/others keep funding the research we should see very little out of pocket expense with this great news.

    • Many posters said that with pps stable and with this low daily volume, a catalyst is boost the pps near to $0.70.
      A few others, said that the news for INO are not only the expected, as from time to time come out other positive news, like recently the news for the $3.5 million from US Army and the influenza vaccine.

      These news wasn't consolidated in the pps. Today, likely it starts a price move due:
      -the $3.5 million grant from US Army
      -the very promising, positive results for an influenza vaccine, on the direction of a future universal flu, broad protection vaccine, called the holly grail of flu vaccines.
      -the upcoming peer reviewed HIV paper, showing 90% response rate, "best in class"
      today's positive news.

      So, if there was only today's news, then I could agree that this stock should gain no more than a couple of cents. But, there is much more, and market sooner or later will recognize them, imho.

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      • Martha, I would have to agree with you - it never ceases to amaze me the power of flipping stocks for a penny if you have the funds to do that.....I have been long almost 4 years now with advantageous buying along the way.....companies like this take a long time to see revenues and profits and to be honest I should have waited longer before entering....but it is what it is and the value proposition has never changed in my mind.....Today's annoucement to me provides further validation of the technology platform that Inovio has developed....We will all cherish a time soon when the stock becomes purchased in greater quantities by holders with patience vs. the day traders....We will always have both, but one day the holders will dominate.....All IMHO - good luck longs....

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    • Next surge will come shortly.... Given the magnitude of what we're talking about, I'd be shocked if we don't see $1 within a few weeks...

    • So rommell james has decided to go with the 50-50 play, either he looks smart are like a complete moron. I'll go with the moron. But thx's for the post.

    • u never know on which news this stock goes up and down, v had more gr8 news in recent past this stock behaves very abnormal, if u believe in fundamental and long hold for few years u'll c 2 bucks may b in 2014

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