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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Jun 2, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    Here is why it takes so long . . .

    Clinical Trials gov advanced search keywords "hiv" and "vaccine" filtered for Phase II Phase III studies:

    224 hits. That means 224 different times a company, academic institution, private research center, et al has filed an IND to study a vaccine for HIV. This is since 1982 when they isolated the virus. None have been successful or approved to date.

    April 25, 2013 NIH Announces on its own website: "NIH Discontinues Immunizations in HIV Vaccine Study" with the further clarification:

    "The investigational HIV vaccine regimen involved a series of three immunizations over the course of eight weeks, beginning with a DNA-based vaccine designed to prime the immune system. The DNA priming vaccine contained genetic material expressing antigens representing proteins from both the surface and internal structures of HIV. Immunizations with the priming vaccine were followed by a single injection at week 24 with a recombinant vaccine (the booster vaccine) based on a weakened adenovirus type 5 (Ad 5). The adenovirus was used as a vector, or carrier, of genetic material expressing a matching set of HIV antigens. Structures from all three major HIV clades, or subtypes, were included. Adenoviruses are a common cold virus, but the Ad5 virus used in the study’s vaccine regimen was disabled so that it could not cause a cold or other respiratory illness. The two investigational vaccines tested in HVTN 505 cannot cause HIV infection because neither contains live or weakened versions of HIV."

    I have said repeatedly when I came onto this website, that I know the science pretty well be cause I work with physicians, not other veterinarians. I also worked in one of the medical hubs of the world, Boston. My boss at DFCI was a Nobel Laureate. The HIV vaccine will be additive to the protections that are already there, but it will not prevent HIV infection, per se.

    For many of the vaccines under study, there is a reasonable expectation of success. Stay tuned. It will take time.

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