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  • stevenlissner stevenlissner Jul 4, 2013 3:32 AM Flag

    History and the Inovio story!


    We can go back over the history of many stocks and find many negatives in each one. We can also see the positives if we wish to search them out. I'm sure AAPL, GOOG, MSFT and so many more, too many to mention had all the same basher's in their time! History tells us from where we came! BUT NOT WHERE WE'RE GOING! All those people who find comfort in pointing out the failures in the history of Inovio's birth are simply refusing to see the future. There are too many shares being traded in this small biotech company for it to be all hype and no substance. Basher's are here for a good reason! They also see the potential in Inovio except they want to buy in at a cheaper price, at the very least these basher's also believe in the prospects of Inovio otherwise why bother with all the effort they make to get in at their price? Once the basher's get in then a new foundation is built, this process is happening now with Inovio. It seems to me our new foundation is about 0.79-80 which is pretty good considering NO news has been published. We live in a world were things change at a pace not seen before in our history, technology and science have been rapidly advancing over the last 40 years like no other time in history! Inovio are doing the same! They have the experience that failures bring and turned the knowledge into a successful science that works, this has turned Inovio into a bio company well prepared for an exciting future for us the shareholder and the world! KEEP LOOKING AT HISTORY AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE! OR, COME WITH US INTO A BRIGHT FUTURE! Long & Strong Inovio

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