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  • stevenlissner stevenlissner Jul 4, 2013 6:33 AM Flag

    For those who don't believe in INOVIO


    I have been invested in Inovio for approx 10 months now. I have seen the SP rise and fall and rise! I have bought Inovio shares on 7 different occasions to date. With all the misleading and bare face lies being thrown around I would like to add that as of today 4th July 2013 I am UP 44.08% or £3290.75. If Inovio is a scam, then it's the best scam I have ever had the privilege to own. I don't have any aliases although there have been many posters suggesting that I do! Which is a compliment to me and shows that those same people are losing or lost the argument! This practice is such an easy cop out, to say these stupid lies just to try and make themselves look correct and more than honest to the outsiders. My name has been copied either by adding a letter, adding an extension or removing a letter! All very stupid and actually having the opposite effect! I use my real name! NO alias! There are not many on these MB's who do that! I do understand why they don't and if I had a crystal ball would probably of made up some name instead of using my real name. Certain people on these MB's seem to feel that they can write my address, my phone numbers as to somehow scare me into giving up my posts! This tactic is not going to work on me! I will carry on posting what I feel is relevant at the time and will include some #$%$ e at times in answer to others lies and #$%$ e r s posts! I don't care about thumbs up or thumbs down! All I care about is what I believe and will stick to that because I TRUST MYSELF, I TRUST Dr KIM! I TRUST INOVIO MANAGEMENT! and I TRUST MY INSTINCTS! All other name calling, lies, offensive replies etc are meaningless to me! Long & Strong Inovio

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    • GUMP lol!


    • Bottom___ is all the other pharma company stocks are tapped out. They are too high. This one is ripe for the pickins....and for who ignore and or wait, they will chase and likely take the whack on the retreat days....EASY CALL!

    • how we know you arent lying like everything else you have been lying about? you a known and proven liar. whatever you post aint the truth since you been caught lying

    • liar dude thats exactly what i was trying to tell you but you lost it on me. thought you cant use historical charts thats what you said . 4 months ago it was 49 cents like u say but 4 months and 1 day ago it was 71 cents. 2011 it was a dollarr. U are to stupid to understand it has to pull back and consolidate before it move up again you nasty nasty liar. 1 dollar by firday is not good. 1 dollar in 3 weeks means it will finally hold you liar.

      where is my apoolgy. i told you this on the adxs message board june28. i responded to your post there even though you claim u dont post there. told you it would pull back sucker. u were pimping it at 97 cents and it pullled back like i said and you went nuts. you oowe me an apology

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    • Who the F cares that you are up, if you really are? Investors were up on Enron and some people made money with Bernie Madoff. What does that have to do with anything?

      INO has been in a downward trend for years, look at a chart. It has been on a downward slope from $50 for the last 3 years.

      Traders can make money on dung but is this a stock for the moms and pops and long term investors?
      NO!!!! Look at INO's track record: massive dilution followed by a reverse split followed by more massive dilution.

      What has INO accomplished in its 3 decades of existence? NOTHING other than wiping out a lot of shareholders. They haven't been able to get past P2 for 30 years.

      This is the pos that you are pumping? I trust that you are an imbecile or a boiler room pumper of crud.

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      • I just too a look to verify your comments and I vote you most misleading of the pack. What really caught my attention was the straight down from 50 a share. Well looks like some 11 or twelve years ago the stock did pop to that level only to quickly give it back and then some... For the last decade the trend has been down but not in the way your comments indicate.
        They have partners, multiple concurrent clinical trails and cash for the next year at a minimum. I would expect additional cash to be raised... what a surprise for a biotech, but I would hope that the share price will allow for those shares to be sold at a higher price than today's (R/S or not).

        The R/S comment - oh no I used to have two 5 dollar bills and now I have a ten.... isn't a big concern to me, what is a concern is when my ten turns into a 9 instead of 11.....
        Last your tone (I am new to the board - I have looked at INO for a year or two and bought in last month) has me convinced that this will be the only interaction between us - BYE

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