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  • stevenlissner61 Aug 14, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    What's your opinion on when Dr Kim announces partnership(s)?


    I think Dr Kim will announce before the September conferences and not during it. My thoughts are that he would be better off announcing partnership(s) before the conference so that the audience can question him on the finer details as they would already of heard and read about the partnership(s). If announced at the conference it wouldn't make too much sense to me. Announce a few days/week(s) before so everyone is prepared including Dr Kim for the questions that may follow in the conference. JMO! Any ideas anyone?

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    • CEOs saying their in partnership talks means very little in BIO tech investing. Almost all CEOs in this sector say that same line. Case in point this company's former CEO Avatar Dhillon constantly said Inovio was in late stage talks with partners uh....guess what, never happened. At least not in the last 10 years. The last part of Kim's presentations are almost word for word just like Dhillion's. Another prime example Vical's CEO VJ, for years and years and years claimed that the he was in in talks to Partner their phase III melanoma drug. Guess what ...never happened. Infact as we all know now, the drug ended up being a complete POS.

      One of the main jobs if not the most important one of a Biotech's CEO is to generate investor interest. Higher stock prices and more interest makes it easier to raise cash. If Kim really had a partner would he be traveling all over the place trying to sell investors on his company? Please give me a break.

    • I can tell you exactly when he will announce they have done a deal. When the ink is dry. This is not a one sided decision. You are talking about doing a deal with a large organization. They do not move at light speed. So it is not up to Joseph. I am sure they are very close, but ultimately it will happen when it happens. Once the first one happens though, others will probably follow. Other companies are not going to want to allow one large pharma company develop such a singularly close relationship with Inovio. Other's will want a seat at the table with this technology. You see it all the time with promising biotech's. They do one deal, and within 6 months another one pops up.

    • Well I would think that they just don't pick a date to announce... An agreement needs to be signed before its news, and they need it to be news before they announce the news.

    • I can only hope they announce a partnership deal earlier..but even still I think the real payout of this stock will be in a few months. JMO

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