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  • playboy210 playboy210 Aug 17, 2013 1:02 AM Flag

    I Need Some Scientific Answers Regarding Vaccines ( Part 2)

    (Cont.) can come up with some Prophalactyic vaccines that can train to the immune system to recognize future foreign virus cells such as Malaria or HPV To enter the body so the immune system can respond quickly and effectively to kill them before any major harm gets done, then Inovio right there might be worth $16-$20 a share as a stock.

    But a lot of times a body's immune system for whatever reason, is weak to begin with and cannot produce the adequate amount of B-cells needed to generate enough antibodies to fight off a particular antigen. If this is the case, then wouldn't Inovios system of creating smarter immune systems to recognize dangerous viruses to be targeted be futile to begin with?

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    • The immune system for a given demographic population is essentially a bell shaped curve on a horizontal and vertical axis (this is how many medical phenomenon are taught). At the ends are the poor responders and hyper responders. In the middle of the curve is the general population. In the exact middle is the average immune response for that population. Immunity varies with age, sex, ethnic background, environment, etc., etc. There are immune stimulants that can be used for immune suppressed patients, but those drugs have side effects also. The number one use of vaccines is to use either preventively or very soon after exposure has occurred. Some like Hepatitis C has a different therapeutic effect. If you lower virus production, then the liver can stabilize and not continue on the path to cirrhosis and generalized metabolic dysfunction. That is the main reason I invested. My wife's nephew has Hep C and I am hopeful that this may move along to a clinical trial in the next year or so. If the dose can be anticipated form the Swedish trial, the Hep C study can move quickly to a Phase IIb. Lets hope for all those people affected by this insidious disease.


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