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  • detriver81 detriver81 Aug 17, 2013 2:31 AM Flag

    Kudos to SA for Very Rational, Thoughtful Article...Finally!$


    Recent SA author presents clear, concise and unbiased overview of INO and share price...Thanks!$

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    • Good Article but the author didn't consider the therapeutic nature of Inovio's HPV vaccine. He considered VGX-3100 as more of a way to validate the technology, but the HPV phase II will demonstrate the vaccines ability to reduce CIN 2/3 lesions. If successful, I believe that will be the advantage he referred to over the existing HPV vaccines.

    • I thought it was a great article. I hate to say it through, but I would expect the impact of the article to be a non event for longs and shorts. I think solid longs don't need to hear from just some guy on Seeking Alpha to help them decide to add to their position. I think weak longs are shell shocked from the last article and event. While shorts will only be able to take advantage of a small spike in the morning. INOVIO stock has behaved like that for a long time. Any spike up has been taken back down. If a peer reviewed scientific study of the malaria news didn't hold its gains, why would you think this article would do it? Facts won't do it but opinions will? Well one fact is that there's a $50million dollar bet in the form of a grant that thinks this technology is going to work(do you think our Government and Bill Gates has money to throw around like that)? There is also a late stage partnership discussion with a huge pharmaceutical company that will soon be inked (these things take time to hash out all the details and conditions). They have a treasure trove of legally protected patents on their synthetic dna that number into the hundreds (recently approved by the Supreme Court of the U.S in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics) They will be THE DOMINANT player in the field when the technology gets through the phase I,II,III trials (since they have no competitors taking their approach). The tests are already shown to be safe and effective on humans. They are well funded for a few years. And although it may take a few years to bring their product to market, if their approach works on not only the flu, but on HPV, hepatitis, HIV and cancer, This could be a multi-billion dollar company. If you don't think I want a piece of that? Well, I would have to ask you why? But what I really want to know is what can take this stock down even more. That's what I want to know. Why? Because I like to buy low.

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    • visceraljunket Aug 17, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

      Great article and I am sure it will trigger some solid longs to buy and hold but I hope it doesn't draw in weak money and feed another pump and dump game. I know some have suggested that it would have been better if the article had come out on Monday and maybe they are right but I think the serious buy and hold money will respond more if we don't have some "get in before it is too late" skyrocket leap but a steady climb. Please don't get me wrong I am very glad the article presented INO in such an accurate and positive manner. We certainly have been bashed to the extreme lately. I am hopeful this next week we find a solid base price in the mid $2s and build from there.

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    • for every 1 decent article SA puts out there are hundreds of garbage, hit pieces - mostly to serve shorts

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      • You are correct, that is why unfortunately I think INO will see $1 or below before it stops it's downward trend. That is hard for me to say, since I believe in INO with all my heart.and mind that it will be a success story. I will take the opportunity to purchase more, that's all. I don't see appreciation on price until we have a VERY SIGNIFICANT catalyst and that could be years away. I'll try trading it till then to make some money and what I make I will put towards even more shares. That's my stratagy and I'm hoping one day I will be on here with the rest of you potential millionaires.

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    • Great Article, very insightful and unbiased

    • johnnykita1 Aug 17, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

      Great article. KUDOS from me too. I would be surprised if it has a considerable effect on the price. It's not like Aegis wrote it. LOL.

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    • Everyone should read this article (bashers and pumpers). This is one of the most objective and honest analysis of INO. One thing he did not mention (I understand the reason) is he did not criticize Adam F (the criminal) and Sean Williams (the weasel). Very nice article.

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    • lets see if we finally get a pop out of a good article.Seems like when bashed we get hammered.GREAT ARTICLE FOR ONCE

    • I wonder if he bought on the dip..hum..Who caused the dip?

    • My only negative detriver is he didn't put it out Monday morning.....seems like when they bash the stock they post their articles during or right before the trading day.......solid article in terms of fairness, don't get me wrong but I would have liked it better first thing Monday morning......

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