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  • stkholder stkholder Aug 19, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    Stock Price Manipulated For Good.

    I have called fidelity and asked them why such behavior/ pattern from MM on INO.
    They said that INO is too speculative right now, and it is hype/hot stock, many people will just jump in for the sake of it, and that alone could take the price to even 100 dollars in 1 day (just on rumors and buy trends).
    for the safety of the traders and the health of the stock MM have decided to control and move the volume on MAX 3 digits transaction (0-999), this will keep the stock sideways till real news/facts comes out and it normalize itself on correction.
    even if someone sell a million share today, it wont take the stock down, and the sell will be controlled and will be done in full in a week or so, no a single day anymore.

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    • (shrug) Common Sense

      Theres nothing going on with this stock at all right now except for some flat news that said "IF" and "MAYBE" . Thats what made it pop. When the pop (or pump) dies off over overhyped news that goes nowhere then the drop happens. You wont get any real rise off this stock until the 30 dumb poor souls who will donate their bodies for a guinea pig experiment get pumped with malaria. Whoever those dummies are. (shrug)

      That wont happen until after next year when they get tested. Common sense. Aint shzt happening until then. Except ight back where it was.

      Thats just if you have common sense. Now if you have nothing but hopes and dreams then YEAAAAAA it'll rise to $200 tommorow! Like the people who are holding it long wish.

    • $100 in a day, are you a fruitcake?

    • Wow, best bull story ever.

    • LOL

      Yep... if 1.30 - $1.00 is sideways to you then....

      YEP ts gonna be sideways from here on out (shrug) can see the drop on the chart easy

    • actually no real manipulation other than program trading off and on. You are seeing natural retracement from over priced level. The market traders will follow this stock down till some point where they will all jump back in and program its way back up on a sort of "manipulation", but that is simply how market works. As of where bottom is, technical analysis suggest that DOW will drop out into low 14K over next two weeks ending Aug 29 give or take a day. Hopefully INO will continue retracing just a bit in that major market drop and ALL traders should be able to get in and enjoy big dead cat bounce.

    • $100 sounds good ...Is there a problem with that?? lol

      • 1 Reply to lescolddew
      • INOVIO got contacted and kind of blacklisted with suspicious Volumes, so it may take a while to clear out. still more opportunity to buy low till the end of the month. but under control it is impossible even to reach $3, does not matter if you buy 3 millions, the order will go in as bids chunks of (0-999) , keeping the stock side ways.

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    • Base on the the way the stock/chart/ticks showing that's explains it. However, the squeeze is coming.

      So what is normal correction?

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