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  • lilgodfther lilgodfther Aug 29, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    J&J hunts for dengue fever drugs. = Inovio new dengue vaccine can prevent four types

    Experimental results show that, Inovio pharmaceutical companies developed dna vaccine on four dengue virus serotypes of the dengue virus can produce neutralizing antibody responses, these viruses are usually transmitted to humans through mosquito bites.

    the vaccine used in the development process SynCon technology, the vaccine can prevent a variety of dengue virus. It is in the process of preparation of dna from a single plasmid, containing from 4 to obtain the dengue virus E protein sequence of the major antigen.

    According to reports, the scientists tested the vaccine by the mice, we found that it can produce four dengue virus neutralizing antibody responses play a preventive effect of multiple .

    Inovio Chief executive officer Joseph King said: "In many parts of the world are found in dengue fever, and possibly pandemic, so people on the dengue vaccine is apparent, but the development of a vaccine difficult, because according to conventional methods of preparation of the vaccine to prevent dengue subtypes effects of limited, even make the situation worse, and our newly developed vaccines can prevent four types, This is exciting, the new vaccine research and development prospects are very optimistic, but also confirmed the vaccine preparation technology SynCon broad applicability. "

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