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  • deliveryman2016 deliveryman2016 Sep 6, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

    Is there Anything that would prevent INO from being listed on the NASDAQ...?


    Not my area of expertise

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    • I definitely would not go to the has very stringent listing requirements (that is, for maintaining your listing as well), including capital requirements, market cap requirements, trading price minimums and a host of other things they enjoy holding over a company's head. Being public is very expensive anyway and their listing requirements can sink a company that has a temporary setback (1-2 yrs). You pay hefty fees to your listing exchange, to your transfer agent, to your PR firm (in house, out, or both), to your auditors, your SEC attorneys for reviewing just about everything and your D&O insurance. I'm sure the NASDAQ listing requirements have changed over the years, but I doubt they are less stringent. I took my last Company public on the NASDAQ National Market System (NMS) in the mid 90's and soon after going public they changed many of the rules and made life difficult. In INO's case I would definitely stay away from the NASDAQ as they probably would have been delisted years ago for trading under a dollar for so long.

      On another note, I know people like to speculate as they become giddy watching big moves like we saw in INO this week. I doubt there are any immediate announcements, mergers, partnerships or positive results driving INO's rise. Hopefully, the momentum players will stay out as they are pretty much worthless in the long run. Be nice if we could consolidate another 30 million shares or so in this price range with a gradual move up. INO can move wildly on speculation alone...just one vaccine approval could move us north of $50/share...and if the science is validated with one approval, than more approvals will be forthcoming. Just my thoughts.

      Long and strong with 115,300 shares. Also, I've posted a few times under Abbi7989, my wife's handle...just figured how to switch back to Wickabog. Have a great weekend everyone, don't expect any announcements in the near term and you won't be disappoint...sames goes for the giddy speculation.

    • Why would we want to mess with NASCRAP. They cant even keep their lights on. And you have some complaint with the trading volume and price action we are getting?

    • has to be a 4 dollar stock for a period of time

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