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  • kyle.ramer kyle.ramer Sep 10, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Dr. Kim lays out next partnership hopes

    Our universal flu vaccine program has shown protective immune responses against unmatched trends of multiple sub types -- including the virulent H7 N9 flu virus. Presently, we are seeking third-party funding and collaborators to continue to advance this program.

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    • Can they partner with the whole country of China?? China needs this bad, because they are one mutation away from this going viral... Literarally. I have a friend who was born in the Guangdong region of China, where this H7N9 (bird flu), along with swine flu, and SARS were birthed, if you will. This is a huge farming area China. The problem is, they have pigs, next to dogs, next to chicken, next snakes, next to ... well you get the message. All of these animals are there for human consumption. The problem happens when mosquitos bite a chicken infected with one strain of influenza, then pigs infected with another strain, then humans infected with another strain. It allows new mutations to develop that would have not otherwise happened. There is antigenic drift in influenza that allows it to mutate yearly, leading to different emergent flu strains every year that are slightly different. Then there is antigenic shift which happens which caused the great influenza pandemic in the early 1900s that killed over 40 million people. What is going on in China agriculture may lead to another antigenic shift and that is what the WHO is afraid of. They are lucky that there is no (or minimal) direct human to human transmission of H7N9 yet, because if that happens the world will be in a world of hurt. So far over 100 people were infected, and I think many of them died.

      I watched a 60 minutes or Dateline or one of those shows on the farming practices in the Guangdong region and it is nasty. My friend from that area confirmed that it is disgusting and unsanitary, but it prevented him from getting eczema, asthma or allergies (living proof of the hygiene hypothesis).

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      • Yes, China is ground zero for H7N9. Some of your mosquito assertions are questionable, but your main point is well taken. (Search CDC and H7N9 to quickly get up to speed on the latest. The Lancet has some excellent studies on origins of the virus.) Helen Branswell's "Is This a Pandemic Being Born?" in Foreign Policy is an excellent non-technical analysis.

      • i think china is one of many countries that needs this, and yes, it could easily affect millions in a matter of weeks if this goes viral. If china had any sense (which i think they do), capital (they have massive reserves capable of building cities that nobody lives in), and a political inclination to invest (i think any political organization in china hoping to gain favor would do anything to protect its people from viral and infectious disease)...I can see this catching someone's attention in china. especially with the conferences (don't forget South korean Tepik/Apaci) and their impressive preclinical results.

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    • Dr. Kim has credentials up the wazoo. Can't wait to see what his next game plan is.

    • Next partner ship Pfizer or JohnsonJohnson for HIV vaccine??? Anything is possible under Dr. Kim guidance. He can seal the deal with ROCHE 3rd largest drug company in the world. To the the 1st and 2nd largest isn't a problem. HOLD ALL MY SHARES UNTIL $5 END OF THIS YEAR!!!!

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    • Novartis flu partnership next month.

    • You are a total dork

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