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  • sol_orio sol_orio Oct 9, 2013 1:05 AM Flag

    Today's Luncheon take aways

    Now that I've posted my sentiments on the attendees and presentation, see Crowd Gauging thread. I'll list some interesting take aways.

    Dr Kim believes Inovio has published more than Merck or Roche in the last 4 years.

    They are now prepping for HPV Phase 3 trials. Once results are in from PII they will be ready and move quickly into PIII.

    They are looking for Pharma Partners for all products including their HPV vaccine. Will not be cheap, implying that the Roche deal is an entry level buy-in.

    Again Dr Kim stated that he believed the company is way under valued, ticking off point by point comparison with Alnylam. He also mentioned that they are having some issue with a delivery system, yet have a 3.6 billion market cap.

    Was asked about EP pain, he said a Roche investigator had the device tried on himself, after which he gave a thumbs up.

    Asked about a reverse split in order to get the stock price above 5 dollars. Kim said he wanted that to happen organically. Not interested in a RS.

    He believes there are more institutional investors waiting in the wings coming in before the years end.

    Like many of us, Dr Kim thinks of Inovio as a new company since 2009.

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    • Future for INO and shareholders is very bright!$

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    • Thanks for the breakdown.

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    • I was able to ask three questions during the presentation and one with Dr Kim directly.

      I asked; many companies have vaccines and treatments, is electroporation the tool that gives Inovio's vaccines their effectiveness? He said yes, elaborated a bit, but he felt the true secret sauce is in the DNA Plasmids. And that's were the value was.

      I asked if Inovio's EP device would be first to market, what was his estimation in how many units would be sold and their costs per, and what the pain threshold is; He said the devices were inexpensive to produce, with the injector head only being a couple of bucks per injection. He estimated EP units sold in the hundreds of thousands but didn't speak to the cost of each. He went on to tell the story of the Roche investigator trying the device on himself. Thumbs up!

      I mentioned that the Roche deal seemed to give a 400 million dollar validation to Inovio's science, but asked if the real event is in the release of phase II HPV data. Asking if that data is positive didn't that validate the whole pipeline? He said yes that it would be a binary event for the stock and other on-going trails. He added that they were posturing the company toward moving quickly into Phase III HPV studies. Doing a lot of legwork FDA prep etc.

      My final question, privately asked, Based on how Inovio is positioning themselves not as a company crushing competitors but as collaborator, working with big pharma. I mentioned I had heard him say that Inovio's science was "Disruptive" but asked isn't this a disruptive business model? He then likened what they were doing to a small film studio, producing great films that the mega studios picks up and distributes. Everyone wins.

      To me that means that big pharma would spend big money to have their "partner" in Inovio succeed rather spend big money to see Inovio delayed or fail.

      Smart Man that Dr Kim.

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    • Bump!

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    • So Dr. Kim is not a morning speaker. Lol. Thanks a million for the reports.

    • Kim is taking all the right steps he knows it wont be long till INO's 5 dollars no need for a reverse split here, the institutional investors are all ready at that glad Kim confirmed that at the luncheon he isnt the first in ino management to do really interested to see what the HPV partnership terms will be..I would like to ask to Kims estimate on lunchon ask him that for me sol ill attempt to do it next time hes in LA lol..thanks for the post Sol you put a lot of good info in it

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      • Thanks Kyle. My small contribution to the consistent and thorough offerings made by you and others.

        Someone asked why Roche only offered 10 million and not more. That got a swell of laughter. With people shouting "10 Million for a pre-clinical study!" I can't imagine what the buy-in price will be after a successful phase 2 HPV study.

        Another luncheon? I hope so.

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    • A darn great read! So much positive info here. L'chaim!

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