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  • cticinsiderpigs cticinsiderpigs Oct 9, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    Biotechs Do Clinical Trials:::INO Does the Road Show Circuit, Publications & Mice Studies


    34 years and still not even one Phase 3 trial completed.

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    • However, Inovio's SynCon vaccines have, in human studies for cervical dysplasia and HIV, generated best-in-class T-cell responses that exceed all these approaches. What is particularly exciting is that these responses include strong CD8+ T-cell responses which are able to kill targeted infected cells. In a recent human study, Inovio's vaccine for cervical dysplasia demonstrated for the first time that a DNA-based therapeutic vaccine can produce immune responses with a killing effect on target cells and potentially reverse disease progression to cervical cancer.
      1. Inovio's synthetic DNA vaccines can be designed in weeks instead of months or years. They are manufactured by a fast and efficient fermentation process. They have a better stability profile and do not require maintenance of cold-chain requirements for storage and transport. These important advantages yield more timely vaccine development and can improve accessibility in nations with less developed infrastructure.
      2. The novel SynCon genetic sequences, which do not exist in nature, are patentable.
      The elegance of Inovio's SynCon vaccines is that [Inovio] is not creating an immunogen that would then be placed into the body to induce a desired immune response. Instead, [Inovio] creates a fragment of DNA to produce one or more targeted antigens and place that DNA into cells of the body (with the assistance of our proprietary electroporation systems) where it does nothing other than give instructions to the cells to produce the desired antigen. This approach results in the body creating an immunogen capable of inducing strong, multi-faceted immune responses similar to immune responses to actual pathogens. Human data to date has shown our approach has a positive safety profile."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • From the INO website:

      INO Statement - "Our strategy is to focus on our core expertise, conducting R&D and clinical development to achieve proof of principle of SynCon® vaccine products, and leave late-stage clinical development and commercialization to partners."

      Leave late stage development to who? Their partners. You can call it a Petri dish company, you can say we have no revenue, you can slant the mission of INO any way you like. But, you can't take away the science, the technology and how INO has been able to marry them together with their portfolio of over 400 patents, exclusive rights owned by INO. Late stage development and commercialization fall into the hands of their partners. We own the product; you conduct late stage development and FDA approval, package it, market it and sell it and shareholders reap the financial rewards and benefits.

      "We currently have advancing discussions with funding agencies and pharma/vaccine companies with the intent of securing funding and sponsorship for R&D and early clinical studies as well as more comprehensive development and partnering relationships."

      Advancing discussions with funding agencies and vaccine companies? Not hard to understand this concept. Dr. Kim has repeatedly said directly to shareholders, INO is continuing to find partners and shareholders need to take advantage of this. Youtube "Dr. Kim Inovio" and listen for yourself. This means that we will advance the early work, R&D and clinical studies and more comprehensive development with funding from our partners.

      It's pretty clear to me what INO is all about. This is just another reason why professionals, scientists, doctors and others in the medical related industry invest in INO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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